How to Turn Your Blog Into a Work of Art That Must Be Shared

turn your boring blog into a work of art

I’m not an artist, in the paint and paintbrush sense of the word, but I do consider my blog a work of art. It’s my artistic endeavor, it’s how I share myself with the world. It’s where I let people glimpse into me, my life, and how it feels to be a work at home […]

Affiliate Marketing Success Series: Why You Need an Online Home Base

why you need an online home base

Way back in the olden days, you know, a few years ago, you could be a successful affiliate marketer just running ads. You could buy some google ads, and send people directly to the product page and they would buy. While that strategy has some huge flaws it worked. Today that is no longer the […]

Building a Content Creation and Curation Plan That Works

content and curation plan

I don’t like being stifled by a schedule. And I’ve come to know it’s important to have a plan. There’s a fine line between being stifled by a schedule and creating a plan that works for you. Having a plan is crucial because it can take all the “thinking” out of your day. There have […]

Cookie Cutters Are For Cookies. Your Blog Is Not a Cookie.

cookie cutter

When you make a decision to start blogging, and jump off the deep end and create an income online it can be scary. Scratch that. It IS scary. There’s a whole new language to learn. There’s tons of technical stuff you’ve got to figure out… and then a bunch of different social media platforms?! Yes… […]

How to Give Your Blog Archive a Second Wind

how to give your blog archives a second wind

Creating new content is always a good idea, however, you’ve already created tons of great content, and now it’s just sitting in your archives, getting dusty. It’s time for your archives to get a second wind.  Pull them back out into the light, and let them go back to work for you. A few days […]

What to Blog About ~ 35 Ideas to Get You Started

overcome writers block

1. Google what should I blog about today. 2. Check out my favorite blogs and see what people are writing about. 3. Find a pin you love and do it ~ share your experience. 4. Find a gorgeous image/quote share it and tell what you love about it. 5. Find a controversial post with lots […]

Creating a Well Balanced Blog ~ Blog Like You Eat

blog like you eat

Do you find yourself blogging about the same thing over and over? Why not look at your blogging in a different way… like how you eat.  All it takes is following the blogging food groups!   What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  

Busy Moms Blogging Tip: How to Create Quality Content in 10 Minutes or Less


Some days you have all the time in the world to get your message out. Some days, well, you don’t. On the days where your life gets in the way of your work (lol), you can still created quality content, and do it really fast. Quick busy mom blogging tip:     This is one […]

Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs to Follow


I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am to be included in this list of amazing mompreneur blogs!! Thank you! Below you’ll find the list of top 50 Mompreneur blogs you should follow… if you don’t know all of these moms check them out!   You can also connect with me on Facebook  Twitter […]

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