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The Only Tip You Need to Stay Out of a Blogging Rut

point of connection

Yesterday I wrote a post about fear, and mindfulness. It’s a new path I’ve been following and I want to share what I’m learning with my readers. I opened my autoresponder to email my list and looked at my list names… prosperityforbloggers, blog2hours, empoweredbloggers… and wondered how on earth this post was going to be relevant to THEM. The people who subscribed to my list to get more info on blogging.

You see, it’s this point of connection, or creating relevance to your audience that makes or breaks online marketing. Whether you’re trying to get your list to open an email, people to click on an ad, or people to click your link on Facebook or Twitter. What you’re sharing has got to resonate with them, it has to be relevant. Creating relevance is a learned skill… one that gets better with practice.

So there I was yesterday, a post about mindfulness going out to a bunch of bloggers. How do you make that relevant?!

I remembered earlier in the day, one of the members of a mastermind I’m in had asked a bunch of questions. She’d prefaced the questions with “before I really get started”… and they all revolved around fear.

You see, fear pops up, not just at 3am when your husband’s not home yet and you’re imagining the worst. It pops up when you start something new, when you start dreaming bigger, when you start stretching outside your comfort zone… when you start a new blog. 😉 Bingo. There’s the connection… fear is universal. Everyone has it, and I feel pretty confident saying people want to find a way to manage the fear and move forward anyway.

That’s the connection point. That’s the relevance. I now have a “blogging” story I can intro my post with, and then share the tool I’m using to manage my own anxiety and fear. Even though the story,  I shared in the blog post,  itself is not related to blogging, the solution can be applied to any situation.

That’s the connection I created for my email. How fear infiltrates all parts of life, and here’s my solution that you can use too. The post has been well received, from bloggers as well as those in other communities I’ve shared it with.

It’s easy to “pick your niche” and after a while end up feeling trapped, and like you can only write about a few certain things that pertain to your “niche”. That’s just not true though. You can literally write about anything as long as you can find a way to make the topic relevant to the people your blog talks to. Think of it like two big circles with a little overlap in the middle. One circle is your topic, the other circle is your niche… your job is to find that little place they overlap. The overlap is the point of relevance. Share from that point of relevance and overlap and you’ll never run out of post ideas or get stuck in a rut.

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