17 Year Cicadas in Kansas: A Summer to Remember

17 year cicadas come to kansas

It all started with a familiar summer sound… the buzz. It was coming from the trees as it does every year. The sound of cicadas marks the beginning of summer in these parts. However, this year was different. The buzz got louder. The mating call shriek became overwhelming. There were cicadas flying everywhere, bumping and … Continue reading

Kindergarten Books ~ Which are the Best?


Today I need a favor… Hanna’s going to Kindergarten next year, and it appears as though she’s pretty scared about the whole thing. This fear has manifested itself in a few ways that I won’t go into here… She has a “practice” day next week, where she’ll actually go to her new classroom and spend … Continue reading

End of The Year Gift Ideas For Teachers

126 End of the Year Gift Ideas for Teacher

  The end of the school year is quickly approaching, yes, we get out of school incredibly early here.. the middle of May. I’ve been thinking of some unique gifts we can give Hanna’s teacher to say thank you for a wonderful second grade year. We gave her this soup in a jar for Christmas… … Continue reading