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His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina {Book Review}

His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina ItsaWahmLife.com #bookreview

I’ve never read any of Danielle Steel’s books, until this one. His Bright Light is the story of her son Nick, and his battle with bipolar, and his subsequent suicide.     This was a hard book to read. Danielle’s anguish is fresh, and reverberates through every page. As a Mother, reading another Mother’s journey … Continue reading

Books for Girls Who Don’t Like to Read

Books for girls who hate to read. ItsaWahmLife.com

My daughter used to like to read. Then she didn’t. The downward spiral began when she had to start reading  20 minutes a day for school. She’s the kind of kid who rebels when you start telling her she has to do something. We used to fight tooth and nail when it came to 20 tiny … Continue reading