Low Carb Creamy Zoodles with Shrimp and Mushrooms

Low carb creamy zoodles with shrimp and mushrooms ItsaWahmLife.com

I really miss pasta… however, zoodles are coming in a pretty close second, especially with a delicious, creamy sauce. I also love shrimp. One of my favorite dishes used to be spaghetti and shrimp, so throwing together shrimp and zoodles makes me pretty dang happy. This is a quick lunch that’s delicious and satisfying. I sometimes … Continue reading

12 Book Recommendations for the Word Happiness

12 book recommendations for the word happiness... ItsaWahmLife.com #yearofwords #bookchallenge

This week I had the complete opposite problem I had last week. This week there were sooooo many books to choose from for the word Happiness! I mean, I found a bunch on my own shelves! I think it’s interesting to look at people’s book shelves, you can get a really good understanding of who … Continue reading

13 Books For the Word Celebrate

13 year of words book challenge recommendations for the word celebrate. ItsaWahmLife.com

I was surprised when I went looking for books to recommend for the Week 5 of the Year of Words Book Challenge word Celebrate. I found lots of cookbooks, and books about holidays. As much as I love to read cookbooks, I didn’t really think they were what I was going for here. I ended … Continue reading