What If, Instead of Let It Go, We Just Let It Be

What if, instead of let it go, we just let it be instead? ItsaWahmLife.com

I’m on Day 3 of this 2 week meditation course I’m taking. It’s called 10% Happier; Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. Dan Harris, who wrote the book 10% Happier, and his mentor Joseph Goldstein are leading the course. There are so many things I love so much about this course already. It’s so accessible.  Dan Harris, is … Continue reading

11 Limiting Beliefs Busted with Big Magic

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Review

Sometimes you’re stuck. You’re struggling. You’re frustrated, and overwhelmed. You sit waiting, worrying, completely freaking out about what comes next. You send messages to the Universe, you beg, you plead ~ send me something, inspiration, focus, answers, anything, just help me get me moving again. And sometimes the Universe answers with Big Magic.  I’d like to … Continue reading

5 Steps To Creating an Environment of Accountability

5 steps to create accountability

Everyone believes it. It’s been ingrained in our brains since the moment we decided to become Mothers. However, (and this may blow your mind!) we are not responsible for our children. In fact, the idea you are responsible for your children is the biggest lie told in parenting, and it’s what keeps us fighting for … Continue reading

How I Got Rid Of My Kid’s Stuff… And She Loved It

How to get rid of your kid's stuff and have them love it. ItsaWahmLife.com

My EFT Coach has always told me you can collapse beliefs. She says when you collapse a big one everything that’s based on that belief will crumble. As much as I’ve cleared with her I still kind of thought she was full of it on this whole “collapsing” idea… until last Saturday. It all started … Continue reading