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Surprise Ride Review

Surprise Ride Review by ItsaWahmLife.com

This is our first year homeschooling. We’ve been at it a almost 3 weeks now. As we sat down the first week, Unit Studies in hand, I quickly realized we were going to need a little more deschooling time. I made the decision to try a bunch of different things to see what sparked interest, … Continue reading

Math Games for Kids {Making Homeschool Fun}

math games for kids fb

This is our first year homeschooling. It’s only been two weeks and I’ve already thrown out all the grand plans I had for our homeschool. I had these big ideas, and they all looked a lot like school. After a first week of an insane emotional roller coaster, I decided to try a different route. I … Continue reading

Top 5 Places to Buy Homeschool Resources

where to buy homeschool curriculum and resources

The world of homeschool can be a little (ha a lot) overwhelming. There are tons and tons of acronyms and abbreviations… you think I’m kidding? Here’s just a few: Science: BFSU = Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding RSO = REAL Science Odyssey HMI = Howard Hughes Medical Institute (great free resources) Math: AOPS = Art … Continue reading

Which Way USA | Geography Game for Kids

which way usa fb

This past year in school Hanna learned “state capitals”. I must say I was a little more than annoyed that all they did was learn how to spell the state capitals. 🙁 It did however, pique her interest in the different states, and she started talking about wanting to visit each state and the capital. … Continue reading

30 Day Challenge: Find Your Happy Place

30 day challenge: Find your happy place ItsaWahmLife.com

What is the 30 day challenge: Find your happy place?      Click here to go directly to HappyPlaceChallenge.com     This is the 3rd round of the Happy Place Challenge, and I’m excited because as the challenge grows, more people join us, and more people start changing the way they see the world. The … Continue reading