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Surprise Ride Review

Surprise Ride Review by ItsaWahmLife.com

This is our first year homeschooling. We’ve been at it a almost 3 weeks now. As we sat down the first week, Unit Studies in hand, I quickly realized we were going to need a little more deschooling time. I made the decision to try a bunch of different things to see what sparked interest, … Continue reading

Great Activities for Spring Break for kids

1500 spring break ideas

Spring Break is always fun for the kids… it can be more fun for moms if you have some ideas for activities for Spring Break. The idea is to keep the kids busy! 😉 As always I turn to Pinterest when gathering ideas for myself and my family. Here’s tons of ideas for activities for … Continue reading

How to Build Your Child’s Literacy Skills By Reading (Again) Their Favorite Book.

Note: Today’s post is a guest post from Rachel ~ you might remember her from the first Community Blog Review! I’m thrilled to have her with us today, helping us help our kids learn to read. My little ones absolutely love reading books. We have hordes of books, we go to the library, and still … Continue reading

How to Keep Your Kids Busy on Less Than $10

keeping kids busy

Who knew when I bought a big bucket of  beads how many hours of sorting activities it would provide. 🙂 I can’t remember why I decided to buy the big tub, maybe we were thinking about making bracelets or something… but it’s some of the best money I’ve spent. We brought it home and Hanna … Continue reading

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

rainy day activities for kids

  Finally, finally, finally… it’s raining. 🙂 And of course it’s the second day of Summer vacation and we’re stuck inside. I thought I’d take some time to brainstorm some rainy day activities for kids.   1. Read books… Hanna and I curled up this morning with 5 new books and it was perfect being … Continue reading

Spelling With PlayDough

play doh letters

I recently printed out some “ending sound cards” from The Montessori Print Shop and had them laminated (yes, my own laminator is still on the wish list). Anyway… Hanna’s been having fun writing the last letter in for words. She’s also been having a blast with play dough since I moved my office upstairs. She’s … Continue reading

Sight Word Games

sight word games

This Summer (is not very far away! yikes) is going to be all about reading. We love to read, and I’m currently putting together a nice Summer reading list. I figure we’ll go to the library and check out books, and maybe the ones we love the most we’ll buy to have around. However… part … Continue reading