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Coloring Easter Eggs

coloring easter eggs

Every year I look forward to coloring Easter eggs with Hanna, not only because it’s fun, but I love boiled eggs and I never seem to think to make them except at Easter. 🙂 This year was no exception. We had a ton of fun. We invited Grandma over to help out, and started out … Continue reading

Attracting Butterflies with Butterfly Mud Pies

Attract butterflies with butterfly mud puddles. Itsawahmlife.com

Spring has finally sprung. The weather is warm, and my Lilac bush is blooming, which is attracting butterflies like crazy! YAY. We’ve got Monarchs and Swallowtails, and I’ve seen some Painted Ladies. Hanna and I LOVE butterflies, so it’s really exciting to see so many flying around. Butterfly Facts Did you know that butterflies need … Continue reading

Outdoor Activities for Kids

outdoor activities for kids

Making flip books is always fun, but with Spring in the air it’s time to get outside! I’ve told you before I’m terrible at coming up with activity ideas but thankfully I’m a good researcher and manage to find people who are awesome at coming up with fun activities for kids! I’m going to share … Continue reading

Making Flip Books and Learning to Read

making flip books

While I’m not a professional Montessori teacher, I did go to Montessori schools growing up, and I’m a mom who loves to help my daughter learn and grow.  I’m also not the most inventive person when it comes to ideas for this learning and growing. Thankfully there are other people who are. 🙂 I must … Continue reading

I Spy Bottles and Other Favorite I Spy Games

eye spy bottles

This week for some reason I spy has just kept coming up and up and up. I’ve seen multiple posts on how to make I Spy bottles, and how to dye rice. Finally after reading this tutorial from Counting Coconuts, I had to give it a try. This project took us a couple days. We … Continue reading

What Are We Gonna Do Today?!

what are we going to do today

If you’re world is anything like mine, that’s one of the first questions you hear. Coming up with entertaining, fun and educational activities can be tough. I like to try to make the things we do fun with a twist of learning added in, whether we’re working on numbers, letters, animals, colors, there’s always something … Continue reading