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You’re Failing Because You’re Making it Too Complicated

how to succeed in business in 2 simple steps ItsaWahmlife.comI struggled in internet marketing for years. I did a million different things, followed every shiny new ball, every gonna make you a millionaire launch… to no avail.

I realized my failure was caused by a couple things. I was making it too complicated… and I wasn’t playing to my strengths.

Here’s what I realized it took to be successful:

  1. Figure out what you want to do, who you want to talk to, and who you want to be in the world.
  2. Do that. Just that. Only that.

It seems crazy, but if you get really clear about number 1 and begin taking action to do it, the rest will follow. You don’t need a million different strategies, pick one or two, and do them consistently.

If you want to blog. Blog.

Make a plan, and get started blogging and as you have a question, find the answer/solution. Become a masterful blogger. Learn to tell stories, and connect with your perfect people (hint: they are probably just like you!). Do whatever it takes to create a blog you love, and are so intensely happy to share with people you can’t help yourself.

If you want to use Pinterest to drive traffic. Master Pinterest.

But if you choose Pinterest… don’t plan on mastering FB, Twitter, and Instagram too! Seriously, pick one, and get really really good at it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the millions of blog posts, and articles telling you how you can make it work, by doing this, that, and the other thing… but you really have to choose. Choose one or two things… and get really good at it. If you do, you will succeed.

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