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Proof The Universe Conspires On Our Behalf

How a creation journal changed the way I accomplish goals ItsaWahmLife.com

“When you want something all the Universe
conspires in helping you achieve it.”
~ Paulo Coelho

I know this to be true… and yet, most times we miss it.

This week has been a wonderful reminder of this fact. I’ve been funky, and irritable. The dog barks too loud. The cat won’t stop yowling. The kid chews too loud. The entire house feels like a cacophony of sound, and it’s just grating my soul. I was sitting here grumbling about why I’m so crabby, and why the world can’t just be quiet for five minutes so I can catch up with myself. In that moment, I thought, what the hell is wrong with me, that all this stuff bothers me SO much.

As I once again hit the scroll button on Facebook (because the noise of facebook makes everything better… not.) a post popped up. It said something like 29 things that prove you’re a highly sensitive person. Hmm. I opened the article, I was procrastinating anyway, and it was like reading an article someone had written about me.

What the heck?

The article led me to a little online quiz. Turns out… it’s a match. I can tick off 99% of the things that make you a highly sensitive person. It’s all starting to make sense now. I did a little digging, and found some books so I could learn more… not about what it is, but about how I can manage it better, and not be so incredibly knocked out by it all the time. I’ll let you know more as I read the books.

On another note, I have started a BIG project, one I’m super excited about. In a completely uncharacteristic move I decided to just start, even before I knew how all the details were going to play out, how all the pieces would fit together.

There was a big piece missing… I decided to just start working on what I knew, what I already had, trusting something would show up when the time was right.

As I was scrolling through my instagram feed someone had liked one of my pics. I clicked over to take a look at their profile, and it was a resource that would exactly fill the hole for what was missing. I’d never seen this account before. We weren’t connected in any way. I’d never heard of the resource before… but it was exactly what I needed.

It’s so easy to let these kind of things go by without a second thought.

But you can’t. I can’t. We can’t.

This is the proof that the Universe is conspiring on our behalf. We need to stop for a second. Acknowledge what’s happened, and send up a little thank you. This is the magic of our lives, and we need to take note.

The more we recognize and say thank you for these gifts from the Universe, the answers to our questions, the resources, the blank spaces filled, the more they will show up for us.

One of my favorite ways to acknowledge the Universal interventions is to write them down in my creation journal. I love journals, and notebooks, and basically any blank paper I can write on. 😉 However, my creation journal has become one of my most treasured manifesting tools. It’s unlike any other journal I’ve ever had. It gives you two pages for each week. It provides you space for your intentions for the week, how you’re going to flow that energy (the techniques you’re going to use). It gives you space for the actions you’re going to take, and here’s my favorite part… it gives you space to share the “response in my reality”. This is where you share the way the Universe shows up as it conspires on your behalf. It also creates space to note how you’re staying happy and feeling as if you already have your dream, and a place to request assistance from your unseen friends.

Like I said… it’s unlike any journal or “goals” journal I’ve ever had, and I love it.

I have found when I start “creating goals” I get very focused on the doing of it. I get really black and white about the process. I expect that I’m going to have to do ALL the work, and fail to leave space for magic to happen. This creation journal stops all that in its tracks. YES I still have goals. I still have big dreams I want to turn into reality. But by using my creation journal I also remember how I’m feeling is way more important than what I’m doing, and I don’t have to do it all. Alone. It reminds me there are so many unseen forces who have my back, and want to see, and help, me succeed.

The creation journal is based on the steps outlined in the The Map by Boni Lonnsburry. It was one of those books that truly changed the way I look at the world and walk through it. It was one of those books where when I finished it I just wanted to gobble up anything and everything Boni had to offer. 🙂 If you haven’t read The Map, or you want to get a Creation Journal (you don’t have to read the book to be able to use the journal), you can get them both on her website. Just click the “shop” tab up at the top of the page.

Life becomes so much more manageable when you realize you don’t have to do it all. When we open our eyes and our hearts, and begin to notice all the ways the Universe is supporting us it makes all the difference in the world. Our lives become filled with possibility and magic, and that’s a beautiful place to live.

So tell me… what do you do to remember the Universe is conspiring on your behalf? Can’t wait to hear! Tell me in the comments. 🙂

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One Response to Proof The Universe Conspires On Our Behalf

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for this post! It started out exactly like I’ve been feeling the last couple of weeks. Last week, I was humbled by a friend and given the exact words I needed to plod on: “The night is almost over”. I’ve followed you for many years and I love the transformations you’ve taken. Thanks again! Michelle

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