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The Problem Is… I’m a Mom

i quitYesterday morning I could not get my kiddo out of bed. She refused and refused. We talked, asked, cajoled, and finally the husband coerced until she was up. We made it to school in the nick of time.

She came home from school filled with energy, I’m sure she was excited about her cheer performance later in the evening, but she wasn’t listening at.all. Bouncing balls in the house, when one was taken away she found another, and seemed to have a seriously ornery twinkle in her eye like she was trying to push us to the brink of insanity.

This morning, again, she wouldn’t get out of bed. I asked her to get up. Talked to her about why she didn’t want to get up. Told her when she needed to be in the car, and turned around and shut the door. Put all her stuff in the car, and picked her up in her pajamas and headed toward the door when it was time to go. She’s a little heavier than she used to be, and wriggled out of my arms. Which turned into yelling, and shouting, and finally to her in the car changing clothes.

I was in tears by the time I dropped her off. Feeling like a failure. Feeling guilty for yelling. Wondering how I still haven’t managed to get a grip on this whole parenting thing.

I really was ready to just quit. Throw my hands in the air and be done with this whole parenting thing.

Problem is my job. I’m a mom. I don’t have that option.

I just have to keep going. Keep learning. Try new things. Find things that work, and when they quit working… find other things that work.

It’s funny, as I look at my business it’s the same exact thing.

In the beginning there were days when I was fed up, overwhelmed and ready to just throw my hands in the air and quit. There were days when I’d think to myself, this whole work at home thing really IS a scam. I just can’t do this!

While I’ve passed that stage in my business (for the most part) I see people every day in the same place. The place where they’ve tried everything, they think they know what they’re doing, and suddenly nothing is working again. They want to throw their hands in the air, and just give up.

And a lot of them do.

However… like being a mom, this is my job, more than just a job, this is  my dream creator.

I don’t have the option to quit.

And, when a decision is made that quitting isn’t an option, success becomes about a gazillion times more likely.

When quitting is a possibility, when it’s an option…

You start looking for ways out. You start looking for reasons it’s ok to give up. You start searching for reasons why it’s the smart thing to do.

Until you decide, like parenting, your business is not something you have the option to quit it will be too easy to let the frustrating, hair pulling, why won’t anything just frickin’ work right, days get you down, and it will be too easy to let them become a “reason” why this just isn’t right for you.

I can’t quit being a parent.

I can’t quit being an internet marketer.

It just isn’t an option, for either.

When I get to the point where I’m ready to quit being a mom I end up calling a good friend and talking things through. I get some perspective, and usually some ideas to try out, I create a plan of action to take. I always end up feeling better.

The same holds true in business. When I get to a point where I’m ready to throw my hands in the air, I find someone to talk to, where I can get perspective, ideas to implement, create a plan of action with… and it makes all the difference in the world. Connect with other bloggers, you can do it on Facebook, or Google Plus or at a live networking event, whatever feels right to you, but stop trying to do it all by yourself.

You don’t have to do it alone. 




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