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How Real People Use the Internet [This will surprise you]

how real people use the internet

A while back we were in Tulsa visiting my in-laws. My sister in law was looking for something specific to buy for my niece. She went to google and searched for said thing… and then clicked on the ads ~ ha… thinking they would take her where she wanted to go. They did not. Thing … Continue reading

Rebel TV: Structuring Change In Your Life (even if structure gives you hives)

What do you think about when you think “structure”? Me? I think oh no… and start breaking out in hives. I was a little nervous to host today’s show because structure is really NOT my thing… but the crazy that has been today have helped me see just how much structuring I’ve done to make … Continue reading

2 Simple Tools to Publish All 4 Types of Facebook Content Consistently

2 tools to create consistent fanpage content

I’ve talked a lot about the Choose 2 Pick 3 concept. If a social media platform is one of your 2 then one of your 3 is going to be posting consistently. For some reason I have no problem consistently posting on my personal profile… I mean there’s always something going on in our lives … Continue reading

Rebel TV: Setting Goals, Intentions and Outcomes

Today on Rebel TV today we’re talking about setting goals, intentions and outcomes… some of the nitty gritty to get your business moving forward and you reaching your dreams! technical difficulties happen… can’t let them get you down! Just create a two parter!!     Time to start getting clear and playing big!  

The Problem Is… I’m a Mom

i quit

Yesterday morning I could not get my kiddo out of bed. She refused and refused. We talked, asked, cajoled, and finally the husband coerced until she was up. We made it to school in the nick of time. She came home from school filled with energy, I’m sure she was excited about her cheer performance … Continue reading

How to Break Your Stupid Beliefs

break stupid beliefs

I’ve had this stupid belief. I believed if I added some sort of tag on the end of my links that people would not click them. I’m not talking about when they’re in a clickable link… but when they’re right out there in the open, say, in the description of a YouTube video. I don’t … Continue reading

Free PLR: Why You Need It and Where to Find It

where to find free plr

While most days/weeks I have more ideas than I know what to do with I’m willing to admit there are times when I’m at a loss for words to put down on this blog. 🙁 Sad, but true… what happens even more often though is I’m at a loss for things to share across social … Continue reading