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Affiliate Marketing Success Series: Why You Need an Online Home Base

why you need an online home base

Way back in the olden days, you know, a few years ago, you could be a successful affiliate marketer just running ads. You could buy some google ads, and send people directly to the product page and they would buy. While that strategy has some huge flaws it worked. Today that is no longer the … Continue reading

3 Tips to Create Profitable Product Reviews

3 tips to create profitable product reviews

Welcome back to another episode of the Affiliate Marketing Success series! Today we’re talking about product reviews. Whether you’ve got a regular array of products you normally promote, or you’re an amazon affiliate promoting a lot of different things these tips will help you take your product reviews to the next level. 3 Tips to … Continue reading

The Problem Is… I’m a Mom

i quit

Yesterday morning I could not get my kiddo out of bed. She refused and refused. We talked, asked, cajoled, and finally the husband coerced until she was up. We made it to school in the nick of time. She came home from school filled with energy, I’m sure she was excited about her cheer performance … Continue reading

How Internet Marketing Is Like a Second Grade Spelling Test

internet marketing is like a spelling test

This morning as I was driving Hanna to school we were practicing her spelling words, as we do every day on the way to school. We went through the list and she knocked out most of the words like a champ, and struggled with a couple on the list. After we went through the list … Continue reading

I Want to Work from Home… Where Do I Start?!

It seems the newsletter really struck a chord with people this week. YAY. (You are subscribed right? It’s once a week awesomeness). I’ve gotten quite a bit of email. Many of them started something like this… Jackie, I really really want to work from home. I just don’t even know where to start! They’ve gone … Continue reading