Live Work Session: Creating Stand-Alone Visual Content

live work session: how to create stand alone visual content

If you’re using social media as part of your marketing strategy you know you can’t just throw out link after link and expect the traffic to just cascade to your site. Nope. Social media takes a little bit more finesse than that. It takes creating a feeling in your reader/follower/friend/circles. When you help your community […]

Blog Workshop: The Secret Weapon To Successful Blogging

#blogworkshop find your tribe

On today’s episode of The Blog Workshop (#blogworkshop) we’re digging into one of the most important things you can do for your blog. If you’ve got a blog and haven’t done this yet… don’t worry… it’s never too late. The Secret Weapon to Successful Blogging…   It’s ok to say no… in fact, it’s necessary […]

How to Turn Your Blog Into a Work of Art That Must Be Shared

turn your boring blog into a work of art

I’m not an artist, in the paint and paintbrush sense of the word, but I do consider my blog a work of art. It’s my artistic endeavor, it’s how I share myself with the world. It’s where I let people glimpse into me, my life, and how it feels to be a work at home […]

Affiliate Marketing Success Series: Why You Need an Online Home Base

why you need an online home base

Way back in the olden days, you know, a few years ago, you could be a successful affiliate marketer just running ads. You could buy some google ads, and send people directly to the product page and they would buy. While that strategy has some huge flaws it worked. Today that is no longer the […]

The Google + Experiment

The Google plus experiment

So I’m running a little experiment this week. I was going to keep it a secret and just tell you the results, but I thought it might be even more fun if I had a few readers who were willing to play with me, and then we could compare our results. A little background. 1. […]

Blog Workshop: How to Keep Blogging When Life Gets In The Way

#blogworkshop how to keep blogging even when life gets in the way.

As a blogger you’re going to run into times when life just gets in the way of your blog. However, there are ways to handle it so your blog doesn’t suffer, and your business continues to flourish. Today’s #blogworkshop is all about tips to keep you blogging even when life gets in the way.   […]

Building a Content Creation and Curation Plan That Works

content and curation plan

I don’t like being stifled by a schedule. And I’ve come to know it’s important to have a plan. There’s a fine line between being stifled by a schedule and creating a plan that works for you. Having a plan is crucial because it can take all the “thinking” out of your day. There have […]

3 Tips to Create Profitable Product Reviews

3 tips to create profitable product reviews

Welcome back to another episode of the Affiliate Marketing Success series! Today we’re talking about product reviews. Whether you’ve got a regular array of products you normally promote, or you’re an amazon affiliate promoting a lot of different things these tips will help you take your product reviews to the next level. 3 Tips to […]

Social Media Editorial Calendar and Automatic Sharing: CoSchedule Review

coschedule review

For the longest time I’ve had this BIG problem with my blog… the archives. Today I’m writing my 361st post on this blog… and only heaven knows how many posts I’ve written on other blogs over the course of my blogging career. I’ve got some really really good stuff… in the archives. The problem is, […]

Blogger’s Workshop: Simple Social SEO

blog workshop: simple social seo

I used to be the SEO Queen. I spent hours and hours creating backlinks, jumping through hoops trying to make friends with Google so they’d send me some traffic. And then the animals came… Panda, Penguin… and who remembers who else and everything changed. It’s absolutely Google’s right to make changes to their algorithm. It’s […]

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