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Hubby Brings Care Bear Powers and More Owl Shots

It’s 9:21. It’s officially more than 2 hours past the little monkey’s bedtime. However, there has been a lot of owl action tonight that’s kept her awake, and me a little nervous those little suckers are going to come through the ceiling.

We went out and looked in on them from the ladder, and hubby said one of them almost came to him ~ wow. We did get a bunch of cool shots that are posted below.

When we came in Hanna was sent back to bed and proceeded to wail and cry “I can’t sleep” for a while. I finally was like just go deal with her. He put on his gruff voice and marched up the stairs.

Then I hear this light airy voice ~

“I bring care bear powers to help you sleep!!” and he proceeded to talk care bears to her for a bit, now she’s quiet so hopefully the care bear power worked!!

Here’s the newest shots of the owls. We think there really are only 2 up there, but they are digging and clawing and trampling around on the ducting making a ton of noise.  Would really like to know when they plan to leave.

But damn, they are cute!

more owls 005

more owls 010

more owls 009

more owls 008

more owls 006

more owls 011

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One Response to Hubby Brings Care Bear Powers and More Owl Shots

  1. Barbara says:

    omg… they are wonderful. are you sure you cant put one in a box and post it to Dublin…. my girls couldnt believe you have owls in your attic. Thanks for sharing the photos! Have a great day.

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