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Bad Bad Chicken

These chickens are pushing their luck ~ seriously.

I finally, after 10 years, was able to grow 3 canteloupes this year.  Granted, I didn’t plant them, they just came up outta no where, but still ~ they count 😉 Anyway, I went out today to check on the garden only to find my canteloupes had been attacked by the damn chickens.


not only that they had trampled the whole area. grrr.

garden 002

They of course left the brussell sprouts completely alone lol

As we were walking back to the house, after the chickens got a good talking to, we noticed one chicken had grabbed a little snake and was very happy. She ran away so she didn’t have to share her yummy with anyone else.


Then I was checking out my pumpkin ~ which just like the canteloupe showed up out of no where. I can’t believe my hubby hasn’t mowed it down yet considering it is growing right out into the front yard.


Well low and behold it’s got pumpkins!!


That’s about it from the garden today.

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