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Get Off The Online Business See Saw and Build a Business You Love

How to get off the online business see saw and build a business you love ItsaWahmLife.comIf you’ve been around (or searched the archives) you’ll know this blog has been around for almost 10 years now! Wow. If you’ve been around for any length of time, you’ve also seen the different iterations this blog has gone through, and the different ways I’ve tried to create an online business.

You see, when you’re building an online business there’s two major pieces to the puzzle, if you want to create long term success.

  1. It has to feel good or be in alignment with who you are and who you want to be in the world.
  2. You have to be able to create a marketing plan that feels good to you as well.

So there’s alignment, and commercial viability. If you have alignment, you’ll probably do ok for a while, until you hit a wall and simply can’t force yourself to do the things you need to do to market your business to make it “successful”. If you have commercial viability, but are not aligned… same thing. You’ll maybe do fine for a bit, but you’ll hit a wall where you just can’t force yourself to do it anymore because it just feels so “off” and not like “you”. For long term profitability you’ve got to have both.

All these years, I’ve swung back and forth between things that felt really aligned, and things that I felt were commercially viable. I found it impossible to find a business where I had both. As I’d hit the walls (on both ends) I’d become frustrated, overwhelmed and I’d end up feeling pretty bad about myself and the whole online business thing. It was like being on a see saw… enjoying the highs when they came, only to crash to the ground and smack my but.

See what I mean.


Luckily, in one of my “commercially viable” upswings I met Niamh. While there was the inevitable crash after that business attempt, Niamh and I have stayed close, and it’s been a pleasure to be her friend, to be privy to her learning and growth, and ultimately to be able to implement the process she’s worked so hard to clarify and make easy enough for every one to use!

If you’re tired of cookie cutter businesses, “Blue Prints” to success where you always end up against a brick wall, step by step PDFs that leave you feeling horrible, or worse, like an idiot; it’s time to switch gears.

It’s time to learn how to feel good about your idea and create a commercial viability for it that also feels just as amazing. That’s what Niamh does. She shows you the underlying PROCESS so you can apply it to your business (or idea), no matter where you are, what stage you’re at, or what gifts, talents and resources you have.

Go ahead, click here and start watching the first video.

It’s already up… the second will be along in a couple days.

It’s a new day. Time to get off the see saw, and swing in the sun. 🙂

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