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How to Break Your Stupid Beliefs

I’ve had this stupid belief. I believed if I added some sort of tag on the end of my links that people would not click them. I’m not talking about when they’re in a clickable link… but when they’re right out there in the open, say, in the description of a YouTube video.

I don’t know why I thought this. I’ve seen other successful people do it and people clicked their links. But somewhere in my head I had a belief that people just wouldn’t click… they’d “know”… what they’d know? I don’t know? lol.

I’ve recently started a mini challenge for myself and I wanted to know where my results were coming from and if I was getting results from what I was doing. When I uploaded my video yesterday I said screw it. I’m putting a tag on this link because I want to know if I get opt ins from this video. dammit. 😉

Guess what…

breaking stupid beliefs


There it is… proof positive. People WILL opt in even with a tag/identifier at the end of a link… just so you can see exactly what I mean… here’s the link as seen by the person opting in:

breaking stupid beliefs


When it comes to breaking stupid beliefs (and by stupid beliefs I mean those beliefs we have, that even when we know they are completely invalid we keep having them) the BEST thing… maybe the ONLY thing to do is to do it anyway.

The only way I’ve found to break those beliefs, even though I’ve seen it’s true for others, is to prove to myself it’s true for me. Yes, I’m a hard headed woman like that lol.

But, it takes courage to tell your stupid beliefs you’re taking control of your brain and doing it anyway… but when you do it can create an instant shattering of that belief!

So I highly recommend you try it. 🙂 Just see what happens.

jackie lee

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