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25 Uses for Lavender Oil

uses for lavender oil

Last fall I was being proactive. The previous year my kiddo had been sick multiple times through the school year, and I didn’t want that to happen again. I connected with a friend who sold essential oils, and picked up a basic oils kit. I got it mainly for the Thieves (to keep her well) but ended up falling in love with the lavender.

We use the lavender oil all.the.time for so many things. Here’s a couple of stories of our personal experiences.

I was cooking dinner one night and accidentally laid my arm across the hot pan. I had a pretty big red throbbing burn across my arm. I put 2-3 drops of lavender on it, and rubbed it in, and within a few minutes the burn didn’t hurt anymore, and in a few more minutes you couldn’t even tell I’d burned myself. The redness was completely gone.

One day I was at my mom’s helping in the garden and accidentally stuck my hand in a wasp nest. I got stung 2 or 3 times. I did not have my lavender with me (last time that happens lol) so we did another remedy using meat tenderizer. It worked a little bit, but my hand was still swollen and hurting. As soon as I got home I rubbed a couple drops of lavender on it, and it almost immediately felt better.

We live in the country and this year the ticks are heavy. My kiddo had one on her back that I removed. She complained of it being itchy, so we put a drop or two of lavender on it and the redness and itchiness went away almost immediately.

The mosquitoes are bad this year… we’ve definitely kept the lavender handy to put on bug bites to take away the irritation and redness. It works like a charm.

It’s funny because I always thought of lavender as something to help you calm down. I had no idea it was good for so many different things, and did them so well. Just look at the chart below and see 25 more things lavender can be used for.

uses for lavender

When people ask me what the “must have” oil is when they’re just getting started, I definitely tell them lavender. (though there are quite a few I can’t live without now!). If you need a bottle of lavender you can grab one here! Set up your account and then get to shopping! 🙂

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