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How to Manifest Your Desires

I recently found this story on an old blog of mine… it’s such a great story I had to share it here. It happened a couple of years ago… and it all still applies. 🙂  ~ Enjoy

Manifest Your Desires ~ Like a Boss 6 Year Old

If you want to learn how to manifest your desires there’s really no better teacher than my 6 year old.

She gets just about everything she desires… not because we give her everything, but because she manages to bend the universe to her will, with minimal effort. :)

Here’s a great story…

Earlier this week I told her we would go shopping for an Easter dress. I was thinking maybe we’d go to JC Penney’s because I’d seen a commercial with some cute dresses in it.

A day or two later SHE saw the same commercial and picked the exact dress she wanted for Easter FROM that commercial. She became very excited about this dress. She asked where that store was, and if we could go and get that dress.

So JC Penney it was. We traveled the hour it takes to get to Wichita to the nearest Penney’s story, and took the escalator to the second floor, where we did NOT see any of the dresses from the commercial.

In fact, I saw a bunch of clothes I would NOT let my 6 year old wear to school… and definitely NOT for Easter.

We milled about, and picked out a few dresses to try on. Hanna then pointed to the wall… hanging high on the wall in the display was the dress she wanted.

We figured it MUST be in this store somewhere… so we kept looking and kept looking.

We finally broke down and hunted down an employee, who came over to the display, took the dress down, and with her little scanner thing saw it was the very last dress like it in the store.

I asked her what size it was… she replied, “It’s a 6?.

Hanna exclaimed… “That’s my size Mommy!!”.

Yes, yes, it is.

The lady told us she’d be delighted to take off the display hanger and give it to us.

We went in the dressing room, tried on the dress, she loved it.

She still, being the girly girl she is, wanted to try on some of the other dresses she’d picked out.

Of course none of them were as good.

We got the dress.

how to manifest your desires

As we were driving home it dawned on me…

Hanna never once..

Thought she wouldn’t get the dress.

Worried about what would happen if she didn’t get the dress.

Questioned the possibility of her having the exact dress she wanted.

Never.  Not once.

She had the desire and then just went on about her life believing she would get exactly what she wanted.

This is where so many of us grown ups go wrong… 

We have a desire and then we focus on all the ways we won’t get it, or things that will go wrong before we do get it, all the reasons why it won’t happen…

It was a very clear and wonderful example of what is possible, when we decide, and then just believe it’s on the way.

Did she have to take action?

Yeah, of course she did.

She harassed me into driving to Wichita for the dress.

She looked all over the store for the dress.

She finally said we should ask someone.

We looked all over the store for an employee.

Yes, she took action… but never ONCE did she doubt the outcome.

She’s a magical little girl… but she’s no more magical than you.

jackie lee

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  1. Dee says:

    I loved this post, and it’s really so true. My kids have the same determination — it’s amazing! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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