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Catering to Rabid Meat Eaters and Other Lessons From The Roadhouse

roadhouse lessons

My husband called and said he was taking me to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday… then he called back and said he had to work. It was too late… my mind was already filled with Roadhouse. You wanna know something crazy… whenever I think of Roadhouse, I think of this post. Wanna know something even … Continue reading

Live Work Session: Creating Stand-Alone Visual Content

live work session: how to create stand alone visual content

If you’re using social media as part of your marketing strategy you know you can’t just throw out link after link and expect the traffic to just cascade to your site. Nope. Social media takes a little bit more finesse than that. It takes creating a feeling in your reader/follower/friend/circles. When you help your community … Continue reading

How to Turn Your Blog Into a Work of Art That Must Be Shared

turn your boring blog into a work of art

I’m not an artist, in the paint and paintbrush sense of the word, but I do consider my blog a work of art. It’s my artistic endeavor, it’s how I share myself with the world. It’s where I let people glimpse into me, my life, and how it feels to be a work at home … Continue reading

Affiliate Marketing Success Series: Why You Need an Online Home Base

why you need an online home base

Way back in the olden days, you know, a few years ago, you could be a successful affiliate marketer just running ads. You could buy some google ads, and send people directly to the product page and they would buy. While that strategy has some huge flaws it worked. Today that is no longer the … Continue reading

Building a Content Creation and Curation Plan That Works

content and curation plan

I don’t like being stifled by a schedule. And I’ve come to know it’s important to have a plan. There’s a fine line between being stifled by a schedule and creating a plan that works for you. Having a plan is crucial because it can take all the “thinking” out of your day. There have … Continue reading

Cookie Cutters Are For Cookies. Your Blog Is Not a Cookie.

When you make a decision to start blogging, and jump off the deep end and create an income online it can be scary. Scratch that. It IS scary. There’s a whole new language to learn. There’s tons of technical stuff you’ve got to figure out… and then a bunch of different social media platforms?! Yes… … Continue reading

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Build Your Blog

Sometimes I come across something that’s so good I wish I’d done it. Today’s #learntoblog hangout was one of them. If you want to know the ONE… MOST important thing you can do to build your blog… whether the #pintocalypse happens or not… this will keep you growing.              

How to Give Your Blog Archive a Second Wind

how to give your blog archives a second wind

Creating new content is always a good idea, however, you’ve already created tons of great content, and now it’s just sitting in your archives, getting dusty. It’s time for your archives to get a second wind.  Pull them back out into the light, and let them go back to work for you. A few days … Continue reading