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What to Blog About ~ 35 Ideas to Get You Started

overcome writers block

1. Google what should I blog about today. 2. Check out my favorite blogs and see what people are writing about. 3. Find a pin you love and do it ~ share your experience. 4. Find a gorgeous image/quote share it and tell what you love about it. 5. Find a controversial post with lots … Continue reading

Creating a Well Balanced Blog ~ Blog Like You Eat

Do you find yourself blogging about the same thing over and over? Why not look at your blogging in a different way… like how you eat.  All it takes is following the blogging food groups!   What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  

How Internet Marketing Is Like a Second Grade Spelling Test

internet marketing is like a spelling test

This morning as I was driving Hanna to school we were practicing her spelling words, as we do every day on the way to school. We went through the list and she knocked out most of the words like a champ, and struggled with a couple on the list. After we went through the list … Continue reading

One Easy Trick To Connect with Your Tribe

connect with your tribe

You may or may not know I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for the last couple months. It’s been an interesting adventure. I’ve lost weight (YAY) and I also gained some clarity on why I was gaining weight. I then remembered (isn’t it crazy how easy it is to forget things we were completely awestruck by … Continue reading

A Day In The Life of a Desire Mapping WAHM Blogger

After reading The Desire Map, and creating my goals with soul,  I’ll confess I felt a little bit lost… I was extremely excited about the prospect of making my core desired feelings something that really mattered and I focused on during my day… but I wondered, how does that look when I have to get … Continue reading

Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs to Follow

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am to be included in this list of amazing mompreneur blogs!! Thank you! Below you’ll find the list of top 50 Mompreneur blogs you should follow… if you don’t know all of these moms check them out!   You can also connect with me on Facebook  Twitter … Continue reading

Providing Value Comes Down to Answering One Simple Question…

great value

I recently got this tweet from a new friend of mine: She had just finished reading my Who Is Jackie Lee page over at Internet Marketing for Mommies. She’s not kidding, that piece is 2205 words long. I am long winded… I’d say most of my posts on that site are between 1 to 2 … Continue reading