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How Did She Learn to Say THAT???

I’ve been noticing some very grown up things coming out of my two year old’s mouth.

Here are a few of my favorites.

“I don’t think so mom” ~ when asked to do something she really doesn’t want to do

I was just singing the Dragon Tales song playing around (dragon tales is on right now) and she looked at me, tilted her head and said “songs over mom”.

OH, and BTW ~ when did I become MOM?

Let’s see . . .

Oh, last night we went to yoga so it was a little late when we finished dinner. I was checking some email before I put her to bed and she came up to me and said ~ “it’s night time. It’s time to go to bed” Holy WHAT??

Is this my kid? The one for the first two and a half years of life refused to go to bed by herself or even think about sleeping through the night? Well ~ I’ll take that one!

Then while we’re in the car and I’m singing a song on the radio she says “NO ~ let me sing it” (which is really kinda rude) and then she DOES! She loves Pink’s song Rock Star. Quite funny.

Since we’ve been working out a little more regularly she now yells “I want to exercise!!” “I want to make my body strong!!” and when she sees me get the Wii Fit dvd out she yells “Time to Wii Fit??” and gets her yoga mat out (which is her psuedo balance board).

I just don’t know where the time has gone.

Recently she has started yelling ~ whenever we are finished with something and it’s time to go home “I can’t go home” and she seems to mean it. She gets pretty upset.

Yesterday we pulled in to Yoga and a friend was parked in front of us. She yelled “that’s Ella’s car!!” Now how did she remember this?? I only mentioned it once last week when we parked behind them.

The other day we were at the women’s fair. There was a booth selling very cute mugs for kids. They didn’t have her name on a mug (at least not spelled the way we spell it). My mom and I were talking and all the sudden she picked up the Hannah mug and yelled “Hanna”!! NO WAY!! My mom and I just looked at each other and shook our heads. Maybe some of this teaching we’re doing is sinking in.

I’m sure this post has bored you all to tears. But I really wanted some kind or record of all the cool things she’s doing now and I can’t seem to keep a baby book to save my life, so it’s landing here instead.

I’d love to hear the cool things YOUR kids have said that surprised you. Please feel free to share in the comments.

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One Response to How Did She Learn to Say THAT???

  1. Expat Mom says:

    They do grow fast, don`t they? My 3 year old has been so “old” lately. One thing he does is tell his little brother (2), “What did I say? I said leave it!” He has also come up with the “Ok, it`s dark out. Time for sleepies . . . come on, Mama, read to me.” thing. Gasp.

    The other day my littlest, who rarely talks, was sitting on a chair when I said something about his papa. He looked up and said, “Papa`s gone. Papa`s at work.” This from a child who NEVER uses full sentences. He`s a one word wonder normally.

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