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Kindergarten Books ~ Which are the Best?


Today I need a favor… Hanna’s going to Kindergarten next year, and it appears as though she’s pretty scared about the whole thing. This fear has manifested itself in a few ways that I won’t go into here… She has a “practice” day next week, where she’ll actually go to her new classroom and spend … Continue reading

Kids Physical Activities: 5 Fun Things You Can Do Together

When I worked in New York City I probably walked 4 or 5 miles a day. When I moved to Wichita I at least had to walk to the car to get to my job. Now that I work at home, my commute is about 4 feet, so my walking has dramatically declined, and my … Continue reading

Consistency Challenge ~ How to Use Consistency to Create Balance in Your Life

My day was not off to a good start. I’m sore as hell from my workouts, my daughter is screaming about everything, and then my husband got up and decided it was a good time to tell me how I’m not being consistent enough and my daughter is “out of control”. After bursting into tears … Continue reading

Oh Man . . . I’m Rubbing Off On My Toddler

I’ve mentioned in recent posts about my proclivity for self imposed rules. Well I think it’s rubbed off on Hanna. Image via Wikipedia We started using M&Ms for rewards in potty training.  It seems to work quite well, but here’s where she gets a little OCD about the whole thing. She will ONLY choose the … Continue reading