30 Day Water Challenge! Who’s In?!


Water is my friend. I know this. I feel so much better when I drink water. I lose weight so much more easily. My skin looks better… I’m an all around happier person. And yet… water seems to be the first thing that starts to slide when I start slipping back into bad habits. Which […]

The Next 90 Days!

told u so

Well, it’s been a super busy week last week. It was the end of the month push to reach a goal I had and I did it. I earned a promotion to Regional Director in my Visalus business ~ which means I’ve earned my company paid for BMW! woot. I helped a team member reach […]

Sometimes Just Do It Doesn’t Work


It’s interesting. I just finished reading an article about kids and food.The mom who wrote the article has a kiddo who won’t eat veggies. She had all these thoughts before she became a parent, no dino shaped nuggets, not being a short order cook etc, and now while in the midst of the journey finds […]

Handling Treats at School… Need your thoughts!


As parents we try to minimize the amount of sugar that Hanna gets. I’m pushing toward eating more whole foods (foods with 5 or less ingredients), and trying to get rid of sugar and white flour as much as possible in our home. The problem comes in at school… I send Hanna a healthy, nutritious […]

First Day of Kindergarten

hanna first day of kindergarten

I don’t know whether to jump for joy or burst into tears. My baby girl has started kindergarten. I must say, all the planning I did for breakfast, and lunch really got this day off to a quick and easy start. In fact, we found ourselves twiddling our thumbs and watching the clock for about […]

Summer Reading Challenge

summer reading

I remember, every Summer when I was growing up I was involved in some kind of reading challenge. I think they were usually run out of the library… but I loved them. I love to read, and Hanna loves to read. YAY. Now that she’s out for Summer break and getting ready to go into […]

Kindergarten Books ~ Which are the Best?

kindergarten count to 100

Today I need a favor… Hanna’s going to Kindergarten next year, and it appears as though she’s pretty scared about the whole thing. This fear has manifested itself in a few ways that I won’t go into here… She has a “practice” day next week, where she’ll actually go to her new classroom and spend […]

When Should Kids Start Team Sports?


This morning as I was taking Hanna to school I realized there was a permission slip in her backpack. Preschool Soccer. (yes, another bad mommy moment ~ the backpack’s been on the hook since Thursday and I just opened it this morning ~ sue me.) *sigh* We saw this permission slip last year, and it […]

Kids Physical Activities: 5 Fun Things You Can Do Together


When I worked in New York City I probably walked 4 or 5 miles a day. When I moved to Wichita I at least had to walk to the car to get to my job. Now that I work at home, my commute is about 4 feet, so my walking has dramatically declined, and my […]

Spit Paint

Yes, it’s as gross as it sounds. Yesterday we were driving back from Wichita, my mom was with us. Hanna was in the back seat being relatively quiet, but I heard these quiet spitting sounds. I have a HUGE issue with spitting. I think it’s disgusting. We’ve been going round and round about spitting lately […]

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