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Success Depends On Unwavering Belief

We’ve probably all heard the phrase “If you believe it… you can achieve it”. It’s become somewhat of a modern day mantra. Everyone’s saying, I believe, and yet I’m not sure people actually GET it. I know I thought I got it… until I recently realized I wasn’t really getting it at all.


It’s a word we throw around pretty lightly. However, when you really think about, and FEEL about something you believe in with all your heart and soul… something you have unwavering belief in… it pushes you to move mountains. It moves you to create change, to take action, to DO, and BE whatever it is you need to do and be to make something you believe in happen.

The thing I’ve noticed about belief… especially in the beginning stages ~ when you don’t have much “proof” to back up your belief is, it’s very fragile. It doesn’t take much to put a big old crack in the belief.

Once your belief is cracked the doubt seeps in. When the doubt seeps in you start seeing reasons everywhere… reasons why it won’t work, why you can’t do it, why everyone’s working against you. If you don’t see the reasons… you start making them up. FINDING reasons not to pursue this endeavor you just recently believed in.

No one wants to be wrong, or be made a fool of ~ and when your belief is cracked it’s those FEARS that start to take over.

Feed your faith and your doubt will starve to death

~ Les Brown

You’ve got to feed your faith ~ because this journey will NOT be easy. There will be set backs. Things won’t go as planned. The work will be hard. Your journey will be a journey ~ and each time something doesn’t go your way you’ll be tempted to let your belief crack.

You can’t. You’ve got to find yourself some spackle and fill those cracks. You can’t just fill them once… no way.

You’ve got to fill them daily.

Every day you pull out your belief spackle and you patch up the little cracks that formed yesterday when the hateful person slammed the door on you, the little crack that formed when someone said they were going to do something and didn’t, the little crack that formed when you see someone who appears to just glide through when it’s tough for you, the little crack that formed when someone made a negative comment, the little crack that appeared when someone told you no, the little crack that appeared when someone laughed at you and told you you were crazy, this will never work… repair the cracks daily and you’ll be able to maintain your belief.

Your unwavering belief will carry you through the toughest situations, until you have the “proof” that what you’re doing works, and your belief is not misplaced.

What about my why?

Having a why is important… however… I spent many years overweight and wanting to lose weight. I had a why ~ I wanted to show my daughter a healthier way to live, and to show her how to create a healthy relationship with food and her body by having one myself… but I didn’t.

Just having a why isn’t enough.

You’ve got to have BELIEF in a solution, in yourself, in POSSIBILITY.

If you don’t believe change is possible for you, the biggest WHY in the world will never move you to action, and without action you can NOT have change.

So yes, identify your why ~ but go past that and build your belief.

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6 Responses to Success Depends On Unwavering Belief

  1. Jackie, I love the post! I know there have been times when my belief wavered…when I had to draw upon others for “proof.” And then there was a point where something shifted in me. I no longer woke and had to patch the cracks…the belief became a burning passion! ?

  2. Maggie Owens says:

    I LOVE this post. This is just what I needed this morning. I love all of your posts. They are always very informative and helpful. Thank you so much. I will continue to try and I will succeed!

  3. Jenny says:

    i totally think this works. believe in what you wanna do and you will do it. i am a fine example… kinda xD

    i “believed” i could save up enough money for a doll i’m looking at and i DID!! but i ended up buying something else instead xD HAHA.

    so see!! it works. DO EET!!

  4. Jill says:

    Last night I watched 7 days in Utopia – the whole movie speaks to this very topic. Funny that you should post this post on this morning. Love It!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      I’ve never heard of that movie Jill… is it on Netflix by chance? Would love to check it out. Always looking for stuff to fill the cracks. 🙂

  5. Laura Jane says:

    So true! Belief is such an important component especially when things get tough. You have to really believe that you are going to get what where you want to go in order to put forth that much effort.

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