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Cookie Cutters Are For Cookies. Your Blog Is Not a Cookie.

pin-164339_1280When you make a decision to start blogging, and jump off the deep end and create an income online it can be scary. Scratch that. It IS scary. There’s a whole new language to learn. There’s tons of technical stuff you’ve got to figure out… and then a bunch of different social media platforms?! Yes… it’s a scary situation.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just tell you do A, B and C and then D, E and F will happen and you’ll be making money and living high on the hog?  It might be nice, but let me tell you something… it doesn’t work.

Now don’t get me wrong… there are some ABC type things you can do and it’s smart to find a mentor and follow their lead ~ but when it comes down to the heart of your business, when it comes down to the soul of your business, and what makes YOUR business succeed the cookie cutter approach just isn’t going to work.

Here’s the thing about the cookie cutter approach and relying too much on replicating the actions of others in your business ~ your business ends up looking just like everyone else’s business. Cookie cutters  serve a purpose ~ to make exactly the same cookie over and over so you can have a dozen (or two) of the same exact cookies.

Blogging is NOT like baking cookies ~ what makes blogs fun and readable and remarkable is that they are NOT exactly like one another. What makes your business remarkable is that YOU are not like anyone else in the world.

You may be in a niche with 10 million other people, and none of them have lived your life, had your experiences, walked in your shoes, seen the world through your eyes… and that’s what makes you so valuable in your niche. You get to share your take, your view, your vision with the world.

If you take your remarkable experiences and vision, roll them flat and then take someone’s cookie cutter and cut your blog and your business with it you’ll end up with a flat blog that looks like everyone else.

Bleck. That’s no good.

What does it take to throw out the cookie cutters?

1. Courage!

It absolutely takes courage. Braving your own course is scary stuff. With no map, and no compass ~ not even a GPS off your smartphone ~ you’re on your own. You’re going to have to have some courage to keep moving through the inevitable ups and downs.

2. Tenacity!

There are going to be successes, and there are going to be absolute fails. You’re going to have to be able to pick yourself up after the fails and keep trudging on. You’re going to have to be able to admit defeat, and not let it defeat you.

3. Openness!

You’re going to have to let yourself open up to the brilliant ideas that flow into your being without swiping them away with thoughts like “no one does that”, “that’s not the “right” way to do it”, “that’s insane”. If you’re having thoughts and ideas that make you tell yourself you’re insane to even think about doing that ~ then you’re probably on the right track my friend!

4. Friends!

While you don’t want to be just another cookie on the web you will go much farther, much faster if you can connect with other “like minded” people. People who have the same values, and same loves as you. As they say ~ two minds are better than one.  Creating relationships out there in the blogosphere is what will help you crash through the glass ceiling that limits you as one person. It’s also great to be part of team of bloggers moving in the same direction, toward the same goal. Being part of a team gives you the push you need when you feel like giving up.

5. Accountability!

It’s so easy to just not turn on the computer today, or just not write that post you told yourself you were going to write, or start that product, or yeah… the list could go on forever. Being a “solopreneur” can definitely lend itself to slacking if you let it. It lends itself to letting fear take over the driver’s seat, if you let it. That’s why a great accountability partner is a huge asset. If you’re at the beginning of your journey or at a crossroads a coach can be a great thing too ~ to provide guidance and help to start thinking outside the cookie cutter, and provide accountability to get your momentum built up.

Blogging may be part science ~ but I’m telling you right here and now that it’s 90% art ~ and you’re going to have to be learn to be a little creative, and a lot experimental if you want to make it.

Are you game?

jackie lee



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