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3 Rules to Keep Your New Car Clean


How to keep your new car clean with 3 easy rules. ItsaWahmLife.com

I am the queen of the filthy car. We basically LIVE in our car. Being in the middle of nowhere it’s a long haul to get anywhere. On top of that we’ve had an old car with a ton of miles on it, and didn’t really put a high priority on the cleanliness of our car.

That all changed this week.

We got a brand new car… and it’s so clean, and pretty and shiny and clean. 🙂

Seeing a gorgeous clean car has given me a serious change of heart. I’m ready to be the queen of the clean car. 🙂

The problem is… I’ve never even thought about how to keep my car clean, so I had to start.

I did a little research and realized if this is going to work we’re going to have to implement some rules… ack.. more rules.

3 Rules to Keep Your New Car Clean

1. What goes in goes out… same day.

We’ve been horrible about just throwing trash on the floor and leaving it. From now on we’re going to empty all trash, games, books etc as we get out of the car.

2. Create a “car box” for the kiddo.

I have already banned crayons in the car… even in the old dirty one, but since many of our trips are over 30 minutes and can be a couple hours she’s got to have something to do. She will now have a “car box” where she can keep her activities. She can leave the car box in the car, but she can only take in the car what will fit in the box.

3. Weekly wash and clean.

As part of my upgraded life I started doing this with the old car. Each week wash the car and vacuum it out. If we take care of it regularly it will be better than just leaving it for months at a time.

I will note that many moms have a “no food or drink” rule in the car. It sounds like a fantastic idea in theory… but with the amount of time we are in the car there’s no way I could follow it… so I can’t expect the kiddo to follow it either. Though it does seem pretty dreamy considering Hanna spilled her drink within the first 30 minutes we left the dealership. 🙁 I do think we’ll have a “no colored drink” rule… which is definitely something we can follow.

I think when it comes down to it the rules for your family may be a little different than mine, but all in all I think it comes down to regular upkeep… and putting taking care of our new car at the top of the priority list. What you put your focus on is what shows up in your world… so we shall focus on a clean car.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to keep your car clean. Do you have rules? Are they different than mine? Do share in the comments!

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