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Go to the Tree and Other Things to Say to Yourself to Get You Where You Want to Go

I don’t know why… but it’s been really difficult for Hanna to learn to ride her bike. 🙁 She keeps trying, but it isn’t coming easily to her. Yesterday we were back at it again. I was trying some new techniques to help her learn how to balance, and then pedal and go (without falling over). Our yard has a little hill, I pushed her down the hill, and she just kept her legs out to the side, practicing balance. Then we practiced just putting your feet on the pedals. Then she actually started pedaling. The problem was… she kept watching her feet, which made her turn the handlebars, and go in a circle and fall over. 🙁 It didn’t matter how many times I reminded her to look where she wanted to go… she just kept watching her feet.

I finally said, as I stood behind her, holding the back of her seat, “Just go to the tree. Pedal pedal pedal, and go to the tree”. I gave her a little push down the hill and BOOM… off she went.

how to get unstuck


We did this a few more times, and she was doing pretty well, but it’s pretty wet and she found it hard to pedal through the mud and wet grass. So I turned her around, and pushed her down the hill toward the end of the driveway. She immediately seemed to forget everything she’d just figured out, wobble, wobble, fall. 🙁

She turned her bike back around, came back up the hill and looked at me and said… “What do I say in my head now?”.


“Well, before I just said to myself over and over and over… go to the tree and I did! Now what do I say in my head?”

There was really nothing good to aim for in that direction, so we went back to going to the tree. 🙂

Sometimes I have to shake my head at the things I learn from my kiddo.

For a while now, I’ve been pretty focused on the fact I’ve been stuck. Some parts of my business are going amazingly well. Other parts are stuck. I’ve been very focused on being stuck… and how to get unstuck. That’s kind of like looking at my feet because I know I need to move them. Problem is… you end up going in circles and crashing because you’re not looking where you’re going. You’re not looking at the tree.

I am well aware of the fact that thoughts become things… and unfortunately I’ve been thinking way too much about being stuck, and what kind of tricks my unconscious mind is playing on me ~ and I’ve stayed stuck.

While we were out playing in the garden, and getting the yard cleaned up I was listening to an Inner Circle call recently done by a mentor, and someone who earned 2.8 million dollars last  year… doing what I do. I was listening to his words and his insights and what hit me was this: I have to stop worrying about being stuck, and start remembering I’m destined for success. I need to start focusing on success instead of stuck. 🙂

Over the weekend I gathered up all my tax stuff and realized back when I wasn’t feeling and thinking so much about being stuck I was doing VERY different things! Because my thoughts were about how to get where I’m going… instead of about how to get unstuck I was taking different actions. I was saying over and over in my head… 2 a day is easy, not OMG I’m stuck,  how do I get unstuck.

If you want to be successful you must remember… you are responsible for your dream. Keep your eye and your thoughts focused on where you want to go… not where you think you are right now. Take action to move you toward your dream… you can do it!

If you’re still looking for a vehicle to drive you to your dreams… join me. We’ll do it together! If you want to know more about what it is I do to make my dreams come true… click here.

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  1. John Houston says:

    Good note.

    I’d like to learn about that watermark process.

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