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Success Leaves Clues… Be a Clue Hunter

Success Leaves Clues

You’ve probably heard this phrase repeated over and over again…

It’s like a mantra in the network marketing industry… but let’s take it to a more personal level and what it can mean to you, and how you can capitalize on those success clues of others.

success leaves clues

Today I was in a group on Facebook. It happens to be a group a leader in my company runs. He’s the top affiliate in the company… he knows what he’s doing.. he’s definitely the face of success.

I’m scrolling through the conversation and I see people complaining they aren’t successful, they aren’t getting sign ups, this, that and asking for hints to help them succeed.

The leader drops this nugget, and it went completely unnoticed in the conversation… but not to me.

shoot 500 videos pointing to your capture page by austin… i bet you make a ton of money

That immediately got my attention, even though the thread continued on with no mention of it.

Questions starting popping up in my head.

What kind of videos? How long? About what? Keyword targeted? Screen capture?

Lots of questions… but you see, success leaves clues, so I did not start asking the leader for answers to my questions, I started looking for clues.

Success Leaves Clues

First stop… Youtube. Duh. He’s talking about making 500 videos ~ I’m sure he’s posting them to youtube (if not many other places). I went to youtube, searched his name, and sure enough. Lots and lots of new videos. 🙂

Now I have an answer to every single one of my questions. I can click the link in his description and see where he’s taking people and what he’s doing, then I can create something similar to use myself.

Success leaves clues…

and they’re there for the taking if you’re willing to start being a clue hunter! Leaders are there for a reason… to be a good example of leadership. That leadership and that success really does leave clues, it’s up to you to search them out and use them to your advantage!

If you become a good clue hunter you will be the leader in no time… because 9 out of 10 people won’t.

The fastest way to success I’ve found is with this simple little blogging system. It’s taken me 7 years to find something that works… but success leaves clues… it was those clues that led me here… to something that works. Watch this video and see if you can see the clues I did.

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