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Creating a Zoo Book

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Yesterday the weather was just too good to pass up. 70 degrees in January just has to be taken advantage of. We decided to head to the zoo. Now I’m one of those moms who thinks that trips to the zoo should be a learning experience, not just wandering around. 🙂 In the past we’ve played Zoo Bingo. Now Hanna is getting really interested in reading and writing so I came up with the idea for a zoo book.

What you’ll need:

  • small notebook of some sort (we used a little spiral notebook)
  • small pictures of animals your zoo has on exhibit
  • glue
  • pencil or another writing implement

1. First I went online and grabbed some clip art pictures of zoo animals.

2. I printed them out and cut them out. (If I had come up with this idea a little earlier I would have had Hanna cut them out to practice her cutting skills ~ but we just didn’t have time).

3. As I was cutting I had Hanna glue the pictures onto separate pages of the notebook. At the top so there’s room to write beneath the image.

That’s it. Take a pen or a pencil with you.

As we walked through the zoo she had to search through the book to find the matching animal page. We then read the sign for the animal, and found the animal word on the sign. She would then write the animal below the image. It kept her busy and learning through our trip. I think next time we’ll take the Zoo book with us again, and write the country or area where that animal lives beneath the name. It might also be fun to just have her write the animal again so we can see the changes in her writing over time.

Here’s some of the pages we did yesterday:

There’s tons of ways to make this an entertaining and educational activity.

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