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How Do You Want To Feel This Week?

We went on an impromptu get away over the holiday weekend. It was one of those miraculous situations, where a million things come together in just the right way, that you just know the Universe is conspiring on your behalf.

It was an amazing weekend. We took our little boat and Ryan and Hanna spent most of the days on the boat fishing. They must have caught over 50 fish in the couple days we were there. That, in and of itself, was a blessing because our family is what’s known as “fishing challenged”. We have a hard time catching fish, no matter where we are, what we’re doing or how much we spend on “exactly the thing” that’s catching fish. 😉

The smiles were really what made it all so special.

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We live a pretty crazy, hectic life. My husband’s business is pretty unpredictable, and things go wrong… a lot. To see a smile on his face for three days straight was something I’ll hold in my heart forever.

I spent some time with them on the boat, but also found some time to do some amazing Yin Yoga, and meditate as I looked out over the water.

We all got along. Hanna helped with the dishes without arguing. We played games (which is unheard of), and just all around enjoyed each other’s company.

We came home yesterday and as soon as we got home things started going wrong. The smiles disappeared. The easy going, helpful attitudes, just kind of went out the window. Our serenity was lost. 🙁

I know I have control over how I want to feel. All I have to do is decide. I wanted to feel as enthusiastic this week as I did the whole weekend we were away. The problem is… it’s sometimes hard to remember I decided to feel the way I want to feel. The world creeps in, and while there are good intentions Monday (or Tuesday as the week may be) morning… it can sometimes, pretty easily, get pushed aside by the pressures of the day.

As I was thinking about how I wanted to feel, and how I wanted to feel it for more than a minute, I realized this was a perfect opportunity to use the power of my Facebook group!

Fiercely Radiant is a new group I’ve recently created. It’s all about helping radiant, positive women who are looking to create more out of life get clear, take action and shine like the sun.

These are the PERFECT people to help me stay on track with how I want to feel all week! So I posted in the group and now not only am I really focused on how I want to feel this week, but so are the other members of the group. We can work together to remind each other how we want to feel as the week goes on and the world presses in. <3

It makes me really happy to have a group of amazing women on my side. If you’d like to join, we’d love to have you. All you have to do is go to Fiercely Radiant, and click the join button! We’ll see you on the inside.

So tell me… how do YOU want to feel this week, and what are you going to do to remember?


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