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It Works For Standing On Horses and Building a Business

overcome fear accomplish goal

  Over the last few weeks Hanna has been working up to standing on her horse. I don’t know why she feels it’s important to do this (maybe it was those trick riders we saw at Equifest) but whatever her reason… it’s been her goal. She started by kneeling (top right) on Vegas. Then she … Continue reading

Cookie Cutters Are For Cookies. Your Blog Is Not a Cookie.

When you make a decision to start blogging, and jump off the deep end and create an income online it can be scary. Scratch that. It IS scary. There’s a whole new language to learn. There’s tons of technical stuff you’ve got to figure out… and then a bunch of different social media platforms?! Yes… … Continue reading

10% Happier By Dan Harris: Book Review

10 % happier dan harris book

  Last Friday at my book club meeting someone mentioned Dan Harris’ new book 10% Happier. They didn’t say much about it, only that they thought it looked good. We were heading to Tulsa later that day so I took a gander at the reviews and downloaded it to my kindle.  (I always like to … Continue reading

Go to the Tree and Other Things to Say to Yourself to Get You Where You Want to Go

how to get unstuck

I don’t know why… but it’s been really difficult for Hanna to learn to ride her bike. 🙁 She keeps trying, but it isn’t coming easily to her. Yesterday we were back at it again. I was trying some new techniques to help her learn how to balance, and then pedal and go (without falling … Continue reading

The Problem Is… I’m a Mom

i quit

Yesterday morning I could not get my kiddo out of bed. She refused and refused. We talked, asked, cajoled, and finally the husband coerced until she was up. We made it to school in the nick of time. She came home from school filled with energy, I’m sure she was excited about her cheer performance … Continue reading

How to Break Your Stupid Beliefs

break stupid beliefs

I’ve had this stupid belief. I believed if I added some sort of tag on the end of my links that people would not click them. I’m not talking about when they’re in a clickable link… but when they’re right out there in the open, say, in the description of a YouTube video. I don’t … Continue reading