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Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones… And Your Words Can Kill You!

I’m on a kick these days. I’ve been doing some serious thinking about words. I love them, always have.  I also know the tremendous power words have to shape our lives, positively or negatively! The cool thing about words is this: we get to choose them, and if we see we’re using destructive words we … Continue reading

Creating a Million Dollar Team Starts with You

When you first get into network marketing you don’t know what you don’t know… and you don’t know the people you don’t know. You may have joined your company through a friend or acquaintance. You may have been told about the amazing upline leaders, and the fantastic team you’re signing into. However… once you get … Continue reading

Overcoming Fear: The Pendulum Effect

Today I’d like to share a concept that was really an AHA moment for me. It’s all about a pendulum. A pendulum swings left. A pendulum swings right. A pendulum just keeps on swinging. The pendulum doesn’t swing because it’s bad, or stupid, or not good enough… it swings because that is the nature of … Continue reading