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5 Steps to Overcoming Obstacles Fast

Obstacles are going to show up in your life no matter what you do. It’s just a fact. It’s not the obstacles that really get in our way… it’s our response to those obstacles… it’s what you let those obstacles do to the rest of your day, week, month even year. Obstacles are a part … Continue reading

Overcoming Fear: The Pendulum Effect

Today I’d like to share a concept that was really an AHA moment for me. It’s all about a pendulum. A pendulum swings left. A pendulum swings right. A pendulum just keeps on swinging. The pendulum doesn’t swing because it’s bad, or stupid, or not good enough… it swings because that is the nature of … Continue reading

Funded Proposal ~ The easiest way to create MLM leads

Funded Proposal Concept What is the funded proposal. It’s simply fancy terminology for giving something of great value away up front that leads people to buy a low priced product. The income you receive from these low priced products is what FUNDS your advertising costs. The great thing about funded proposals is you get a … Continue reading

You Can’t Build a Sky Scraper Without A Foundation

In the last couple days I’ve received a couple emails from readers who are eager to start making money online. They want to know if they should monetize with adsense, or with affiliate products. They want to know what kind of products they should choose. They just don’t understand how to find them and how … Continue reading

Staying on Track in Your Business

As an entrepreneur there are a ton of things you have to keep an eye on. There’s always new things you learn and want to implement… trouble is doing everything you want to do, all at the same time. That’s where we have to prioritize and make some decisions. Whether it’s about what methods of … Continue reading

How to Be Consistent ~ 20 Tips To Get You Started

how to be consistent

I am realizing, the more I think about it, that consistency is going to be a key element in creating a life in balance. I discussed yesterday how to use consistency to create balance in your life, and today I’d like to take that one step further and give some tips to help you figure … Continue reading