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Why Blog?

Why Blog?

Choose your people… and then help them see the possibilities.

why blogAs a blog owner, that’s my one true goal.

I have chosen the people to whom I wish to speak, and every word I write has the goal of helping them see the possibilities.

Whether it’s a mom who wants to put more home cooked food on the table for her family, or a blog owner who wants to build their audience bigger and more connected, or a mom who just wants to make some money online all while spending most of her time with her children.

Each of those groups of people has different needs, but they are each a group I deeply resonate with… and they are also groups I can help see the possibilities.

Why Blog?

When I sit down to my computer to blog, it’s not about seeing how much money I can make. It’s not about how many links I can cram in my post to get people to buy, it’s not about stuffing a ton of keywords in my posts so I can get traffic from the search engines….


Each and every post is about helping 1 person in one of those groups see a possibility today. A glimmer of hope that something is not only possible, but it’s possible for them.

That’s why I blog.

People always ask me what is my secret to success…

Here it is (and BTW, it’s not really a secret)

1. Be consistent and committed.

Every day do whatever you have to do to stay committed to your business.

2. Help people see the possibilities.

Giving people the hope that it’s possible for THEM… that’s priceless, and that’s what brings great people into my circle and allows me to work with exactly the people I want to work with! 🙂

Being a successful blogger takes a little skill… but more than that it takes HEART. If you’ve got heart, and you’re willing and ready to help others… there’s a successful blogger in you!

Here’s my question for you…

If you’re a blogger:

Do you know who you’re speaking to?

Every day, and in every way are you helping them see that success is a possibility? Not just for YOU, but for THEM too?

Are you ready to start a blog?

Having a blog and a platform to help people find hope and see the possibilities in their lives is one of the things that makes my life so wonderful… if you’ve thought about changing people’s lives through a blog, but didn’t think you could do it, you can! This simple blogging platform takes all the technical stuff out of your way…now all you have to do is blog and connect.

Choose your people, and help them see the possibilities.

Have an amazing day… you deserve it!

jackie lee

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