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Books for Girls Who Don’t Like to Read

Books for girls who hate to read. ItsaWahmLife.com

My daughter used to like to read. Then she didn’t. The downward spiral began when she had to start reading  20 minutes a day for school. She’s the kind of kid who rebels when you start telling her she has to do something. We used to fight tooth and nail when it came to 20 tiny … Continue reading

Year of Words Book Recommendations for Success

Year of Words Book Club recommendations for Success ItsaWahmLife.com/JoinYoW

This week, in looking at books for the word success it was easy to get sucked into the “how to be successful” department on Amazon.com. You know, 10 steps to make you successful, and I’ll show you how. Funny thing, they were almost all about how to be successful in business. I spent many years … Continue reading

Year of Words Book Recommendations for Worth

13 Year of Words Book Club Recommendations for the word Worth ItsaWahmLife.com

Welcome to week 9 of the Year of Words book club!! This week I’ve chosen the word Worth for my word. You are welcome to choose whatever word you’d like from the list. If you don’t have the list yet, sign up for the book club, and you’ll immediately receive the full list as well … Continue reading

13 Books For the Word Celebrate

13 year of words book challenge recommendations for the word celebrate. ItsaWahmLife.com

I was surprised when I went looking for books to recommend for the Week 5 of the Year of Words Book Challenge word Celebrate. I found lots of cookbooks, and books about holidays. As much as I love to read cookbooks, I didn’t really think they were what I was going for here. 🙂 I … Continue reading