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5 Ways to Manage the Witching Hour… Without Becoming a Witch

If you’ve been a mom for any length of time you probably know exactly what  I mean by the “witching” hour. It’s that time of day where your kids seem to lose the plot, become cranky, and unreasonable. It’s also the time of day where you can easily become those things yourself! The Witching hour … Continue reading

Hubby Brings Care Bear Powers and More Owl Shots

baby owls in the attic

It’s 9:21. It’s officially more than 2 hours past the little monkey’s bedtime. However, there has been a lot of owl action tonight that’s kept her awake, and me a little nervous those little suckers are going to come through the ceiling. We went out and looked in on them from the ladder, and hubby … Continue reading

My Personal Potty Training a Spirited Toddler Nightmare ~ Help Needed!!

This whole potty training business is something else.  When she was about 18 months she was very interested in going on the little potty ~ she did it great for quite a while. I was thinking ~ sheesh, finally something’s finally going to be easy with her. Yeah right. A couple weeks, maybe a month … Continue reading