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3 Easy Steps to Flip Goal Setting On Its Head and Feel Amazing All Year

Some people love white boards. Some people love mind maps. I’ve used them both… but when it comes down to it, there’s nothing I love more than a huge pad of newsprint and a fresh set of markers.

That’s how I do my planning. Whether I’m planning a new website, a new autoresponder list, a new funnel or the new year.

Which is exactly what I’ve been up to this morning. As you can see… I’ve had a little help.

There’s a few things about this year that are different though…

In the past I’ve written up goals. Nice hard, concrete goals. You’ve got to have goals to know if you hit them right?

Well, yes, and no.

I do think goals are important… and I also know that when the deadline is looming and I’m no where NEAR that goal I set for myself, I start to feel pretty crappy. I stop doing the good things I should do for myself… because I don’t feel like I deserve it. I start getting a little bit crazy in my head. I start sitting in front of the computer for more hours than I should, simply willing the goals to happen. When the deadline comes and goes and the goal isn’t reached… I feel shitty.

Let’s be honest. Yeah, I know people talk about setting high goals and even if you don’t reach them you’ve come so far… that may be true for them… but for me it’s a load of BS. I feel like crap when I don’t reach my goals… even if they were so lofty it was highly unlikely they would be accomplished.

The other problem with those kind of goals is this: they are dependent on other people taking action, doing something, buying something, opting in to something, for me to accomplish them.

That messes me up EVERY.TIME.

I find myself running in circles, doing stupid things that make me feel gross to try to get other people to take action so I can meet my goal. ICK. Big FAT ICK.

So this year, I changed things up. I did things a bit differently. 

Here’s the steps I took: 

1. I bought The Desire Map and read it, twice, and did all the exercises in the workbook section.

2. I identified my Core Desired Feelings. (YAY!!)

3. I planned my world, my business, my life around doing things that make me feel those feelings.

So how does this look when it comes to my desire to have lots and lots of money and build a thriving business in 2014?

It looks like this…

For me, it came down to a core concept that not only builds my business, but can be done in multiple ways all of which feel incredibly GOOD to me.

This core concept will be my touchstone through the year. For each action, purchase, interaction… I can ask myself… is this helping me build a tribe of raving fans who want to change themselves and the world?

If not… it’s not moving me toward my mission. If it is, then boogie down… let’s do more of that!

Now… I don’t know what will happen when you sit down to brainstorm. I don’t know if you’ll end up with a core concept, or maybe you’ll end up with a list of 3 things? I don’t know… what I do know is this:

How you feel is just as important as what you do. 

If you change your focus from numbers/actions/to do lists and move in the direction of how you want to feel… it will all come together. I know this because I have proven it to myself time and time and TIME again.

When I feel like shit about something… or even a little bit “off” it never works.

When I feel excited, and happy and totally lined up… MAGIC happens… with minimal effort on my part.

So this year… I’ve decided to make my goals to feel my core desired feelings.

You ready? You want to hear what they are?

nah… I’m not going to tell you. 🙂

I don’t want my core desired feelings to get in your way.

Go ahead, buy the book, and then message me. I’ll add you to my secret Mappers Mastermind group and we can talk all about our core desired feelings there. 🙂 See you on the inside.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing for goals this year… how are you going to make this your best year yet? Tell us in the comments. 🙂



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  1. Aras Androck says:

    That’s a nice way to achieve your goals. I think I’ll do the same. It should speed things up for me. Thanks for sharing your method.

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