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How to Have Your Dream Right This Second

It’s yet another snow day… I guess I should be grateful… I didn’t have to drive the kiddo to school. I don’t have to drive to work. I don’t have to put four wheels on the icy roads at all! So yay for that… but I often allow myself to get a little bit funky when my flow, routine, work day gets out of whack. And with 2 days in a row of a very rambunctious kiddo in the house… it’s just that. Out. of. Whack.

Just as I get inspired and sit down to write… mom. mom. mom.

As I became more and more frustrated I found myself wandering around the interwebs looking. Searching. Needing something to help me feel a little bit better. Something to help me “pivot” into a better feeling place.

I found some good things, and I found a bunch of people (some of them really close friends) talking about DREAMS. It seems everywhere I go people are talking about their dreams, and wanting to hear my dreams, and then I spiral back into the not so good feeling place.

I’ve got a confession. 

I don’t really know what my dream is. 🙁 eek.

I mean it’s easy to say I want to receive $1000 daily. It’s easy to say I want to take my family to Disney this year. But is that really a DREAM? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not all that clear on exactly what the hell a dream looks like?!

I don’t know…

So anyway… I looked up and noticed that Hanna had been rolling on the floor and when she stood up her nightgown (yes, we’re still in our pajamas… it IS a snow day after all!) was covered in black dog hair. Hmm. when was the last time I vacuumed this carpet? Good question, and if I can’t even remember off the top of my head, it’s probably been a while.

Whip out the vacuum. Have I mentioned I really hate to vacuum.. but since I got a new vacuum that doesn’t involve stinky water it’s gotten a little easier.

So here I am, vacuuming. vacuuming. procrastinating. That somewhere turns into thinking. Dreams? Dreams? Dreams? What the hell are my dreams? hmmm. ooh, those lines on the carpet make me feel good. Dreams. dreams. dreams.

feel the dreamLet’s see… hmmm. So if I was having a wonderful day at Disney? Or a wonderful day at the lake fishing with my family, what would that feel like? I imagine… those perfect days… I bet they FEEL like my dream. So I’ve not yet been to Disney… but we’ve had wonderful, days at the lake… what did those days feel like?


safe. relaxed. free. filled with possibilities. open. expansive. happy. smiling. warm. connected. carefree. creative. silly.

Yes. Those days felt very much like that.

Hey you know what… even though I’m feeling a little angsty today, a little frustrated, a little overwhelmed, a little on edge, a little eek I might take someone’s head off today… I bet there is a way I can feel relaxed. right this minute. There is a way I can feel creative. Right this minute. And I could smile. Right this minute.

So I pulled the cord on the vacuum and whipped out my laptop and started playing around with words… because let’s face it, there’s not much in the world that can turn my mood around like words. I started getting creative. I started to smile. I started to feel more open, and expansive.

I realized…

My Perfect Days probably feel the same as my DREAM. AND… if I FEEL the way my perfect days feel, I’ll be feeling the way my dream feels AND… I’ll have my dream right here and now. 

Because… isn’t the reason we want to accomplish our dreams so we’ll be able to FEEL the way we’ll feel when we have them?

So if you’re a little bit like me… and you don’t know what your “dream” is… take a few minutes. Close your eyes. Block out the MOM.MOM.MOM. for 5 minutes and sink into the feeling. You’ve had wonderful days… find one in your imagination, and feel it. What did that perfect day feel like? How did you feel?

If you want to play with the words… here’s one of the places I had some fun. Then, (and this can be as EASY as you allow it to be), start feeling your dream today. Any way you can. Feel it. Because you can have your dream right this second. Whether you’re broke or broken, you can connect with your dream by feeling it today.

You know… for the longest time I never would have thought about any of this stuff. I would have just spiraled down into the abyss. I would have been a pissed off cranky mama and wife. It was because I chose something different. I chose to align myself with people who were big thinkers and dreamers. It’s allowed me to play bigger, become more and really step into the being the person I know I was meant to be. It all started by watching this video and thinking about how I needed to make some money from home. Little did I know just how much it would change my entire life (and the lives of everyone I touch). If you’re looking for more money or a place to play big… click here. It’s your time.

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  1. Lesley says:

    And YES! It has changed the lives of everyone you touch. Thank you 🙂

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