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Year of Words Book Club: Gratitude

14 year of words book recommendations for gratitude. itsawahmlife.com

Here we are in week 7 of the 2016 Year of Words book club! A couple quick announcements. I. I’ve changed the name from book challenge to book club. The reason for this is I want it to be really low key, and relaxed. Challenge feels like something you have to start, do consistently, and … Continue reading

11 Limiting Beliefs Busted with Big Magic

11 Limiting Beliefs Busted by Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert www.ItsaWahmLife.com

Sometimes you’re stuck. You’re struggling. You’re frustrated, and overwhelmed. You sit waiting, worrying, completely freaking out about what comes next. You send messages to the Universe, you beg, you plead ~ send me something, inspiration, focus, answers, anything, just help me get me moving again. And sometimes the Universe answers with Big Magic.      I’d … Continue reading