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The Benefits of Learning to Assume

The benefits of learning to assume. Itsawahmlife.com

A very brave woman I know, has had her work life upended over the last couple years. She was laid off from her long time, well paying job, and has since decided to go back to college and train for another career. School is tough. The courses are tough. She at one point realized it wasn’t exactly what she would have chosen, had she realized what all it entailed, but she perseveres.

However, when frustrated she has the tendency to throw her hands in the air, exclaim “I just can’t do this! I’m going to have to quit!”

One day, I lost my tongue, and told her she just had to stop.

I told her she had to stop letting quitting be an option.

I told her that as long as quitting was an option she’d always be looking for a way out, an excuse, a reason to quit.

And then I realized what had fallen out of my mouth. I really had no right to say the things I had. She hadn’t asked for my council or my advice, but it was already out there.

I apologized, for having spoken out of turn, and being who I am, I might have thrown in, a yeah but, you might want to think about what I said. :/

Turns out she did think about what I said. She started sharing funny, and motivating pictures on Facebook about not quitting, and trying. She never once mentioned quitting again, all during the hardest semester she’s had yet. She just kept her head down, stopped to color when things got hard, took walks when overwhelmed, and did the work. She aced the semester. (I knew she could do it all along.)

So what’s the point of this story?


It gets a bad rap. There’s something about an ass and u and me?! But assumption is one of my most powerful tools.

I assume, every single day, the Universe is conspiring on my behalf. I set my intentions, my sights on a goal, name a feeling I want to feel, a practice I want to embody, and then I assume. I assume the Universe has my back, my Idea Fairies, and all my other Unseen Friends are actively collaborating, whisking things into position so I can accomplish what it is I set my mind to.

I take action. I move through the world with purpose and love, and assume things will work out.

And guess what? Most times they do.

When I begin to doubt, I start actively seeking the response in my reality, because they are always there. Those little tidbits of magic that show up to say “Hey Gorgeous, you’re on the right track!!! Keep on going!”

I have a Creation Journal. It has a special section each week to write down, document, make concrete, the Response in My Reality.

It’s easy to look past the magic. It’s simple not to see. When you are actively looking, and under the assumption the Universe is conspiring on your behalf though, you will see. It will show up. Write it down, so in case 5 minutes later, in the middle of a spirited child meltdown, or burned dinner, or a dog who tore her ACL, you forget… you have proof.

Magic is all around us. It’s everywhere. You just have to notice. <3

You don’t need a special journal… though I love mine. You could just get together with a group of like minded, loving friends and share it with them. Don’t have a group like that? Come be part of mine. See you there. Can’t wait to hear how the magic shows up for you.

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