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Weight Watchers Quesadillas

We love quesadillas. They are so simple and you can put so many yummy things in them. They are kind of my go-to lazy night dinner. However… when I started adding up all the points in my regular quesadillas it was a little distressing. 🙁

Tonight though… I created delicious weight watcher friendly quesadillas that are only 6PP.

Weight Watchers 6 PP Quesadillas

What you need:

High fiber, low carb tortillas (1pp)
3 oz chicken breast (no skin)per person
onion, diced
green pepper, diced
weight watchers shredded mexican cheese 1/3c each (2pp)
Fiesta Lime Mrs. Dash

What you do:

I used frozen chicken breasts so I threw them in the microwave frozen, for 5 minutes at full power. I added a cup of water to the microwave to keep it moist.

After 5 minutes I took it out of the microwave, it was still a bit frozen, but mostly thawed. I sliced it thinly. Sprinkled it generously all over with the Fiesta Lime Mrs Dash. Let that sit for a few minutes.

Using a nonstick pan and a little bit of cooking spray I cooked the peppers, for a couple minutes, and then added the onions, for a couple minutes. Then pushed the veggies over to the side of the pan to continue cooking and make room for the chicken.

Spray the area where the chicken’s going on the pan with a little more cooking spray and put the chicken on the pan. Let it sit quietly, not moving it around so it will get nice and brown on one side. After a couple minutes (it will depend on how thickly you cut the chicken how long it will take to cook). Flip over to the other side and cook until cooked through.

When the chicken is cooked mix it with the veggies.

Remove the chicken and veggies to a plate.

Spray the skillet with more cooking spray and put one tortilla down on the pan. Let it nice and golden brown on one side. Then lift it off the skillet and spray a little more cooking spray then flip the tortilla.

Put the chicken and veggie mixture on one half of the tortilla, add 1/3 c up WW cheese. Then when the bottom side is golden brown flip half over to cover the chicken and veggies.

Tada… cut and serve with this yummy sauce!! (0 PP)

Take 1 tbsp of fat free plain greek yogurt. Mix with 2 tbsp fat free salsa. Stir until combined.

I’ll admit I was skeered to try this. I love greek yogurt with fruit but wasn’t sure how it was going to taste as a replacement for sour cream. But… it was delicious… and this would be a great salad dressing too!!

Enjoy your quesadillas!


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  1. Oh I love Quesadillas! Yum!

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