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Parenting A Spirited Child with The Four Agreements

Parenting a Spirited Child with The Four Agreements www.ItsaWahmLife.com

At 7:31am Hanna raced around the corner yelling, “Did I make it?” She looked at the clock and her face fell. She looked at me with a bit of hope in her eyes, and proceeded to make her case. “It’s only ONE minute!!” As I looked at the clock, and wished so much she’d succeeded … Continue reading

Lessons Learned In the Walmart Bathroom Stall…

Lessons Learned in a Walmart bathroom stall... itsawahmlife.com #parenting

Yesterday was a long and crazy day. We did a lot of driving, running errands, and finally landed at Walmart around 5pm. We were smiling, laughing and joking on our way in the building… skipping through the parking lot, avoiding crazy day after Christmas drivers. It wasn’t until we found ourselves in the automotive aisle … Continue reading

Happy New Year!!

Yeah, it’s 6 days late, but better better late than never! We had our last “Christmas” over the weekend in Tulsa with Ryan’s family. It always astounds me how much changing Hanna’s schedule and habits really messes with her. We ended up leaving late ~ like 6:45pm. This is a terrible time for us to … Continue reading