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7 Questions You Must Answer Before Starting Your Next Blog Post

#blogworkshop 7 questions 2

  I’ll admit… I’m often times a willy nilly, I feel inspired so I write, writer. And… often times I find myself rewriting because I didn’t answer these questions before I started. You’ll create more effective blog posts if you take a few minutes and answer these questions before you start your next (and every) blog … Continue reading

Recycling Blog Style: Turn Your Old Posts Into New Content

#blog workshop recycling blog style. How to turn old posts into new content

If I add up all my blogs I have well over 1000 posts on the internet. That’s just blogs… not including articles, or lenses, or hubs and all the other content I’ve created over the years. phew. That’s a lot of content. Problem: Most people don’t see 95% of my older (still amazing) content. 🙁 … Continue reading

Blog Workshop: Creating an Income With the Things You Use and Love

blog workshop affiliate marketing

If you’re not making any (or enough) money from your blog right now, here’s an easy way you can create an income stream. This is a way that feels good, and is simple to do. You get to share the things you’re already using and love… it’s also called affiliate marketing. We’re going to dig … Continue reading

Blog Workshop: The Secret Weapon To Successful Blogging

#blogworkshop find your tribe

On today’s episode of The Blog Workshop (#blogworkshop) we’re digging into one of the most important things you can do for your blog. If you’ve got a blog and haven’t done this yet… don’t worry… it’s never too late. The Secret Weapon to Successful Blogging…   It’s ok to say no… in fact, it’s necessary … Continue reading

Blog Workshop: How to Keep Blogging When Life Gets In The Way

#blogworkshop how to keep blogging even when life gets in the way.

As a blogger you’re going to run into times when life just gets in the way of your blog. However, there are ways to handle it so your blog doesn’t suffer, and your business continues to flourish. Today’s #blogworkshop is all about tips to keep you blogging even when life gets in the way.   … Continue reading

Blogger’s Workshop: Simple Social SEO

blog workshop: simple social seo

I used to be the SEO Queen. I spent hours and hours creating backlinks, jumping through hoops trying to make friends with Google so they’d send me some traffic. And then the animals came… Panda, Penguin… and who remembers who else and everything changed. It’s absolutely Google’s right to make changes to their algorithm. It’s … Continue reading