The day finally came ~ the day we went to the state fair or as Hanna knows it “The BIG Fair”. She remembered last year’s trip to the fair and I have literally been hearing about going back to fair since that day. I fear this year will be even worse.

She had a BLAST at the fair. She was well behaved, she listened, she had sooooo much fun, and it was a joy to spend the day with her and watch her experience all the delight of the fair.

I took lots of videos, which you can find on my youtube channel. (now that my video camera software is working properly I will be adding plenty more video ~ since it’s so easy. If you want to see new videos just subscribe to my channel and you’ll be notified when I add videos) I thought I would post some of the pics here since so everyone can see them.

While we were in the petting zoo the giraffe was peacefully sleeping. I’ve never seen a giraffe sleep with its neck wrapped around like this, it was so sweet.

sleeping giraffe

Hanna LOVES horses. I’m not sure where it came from, but she truly loves horses. She has been talking about riding a horse at the fair for MONTHS. She was so excited to ride the pony. His name was Easy ~ now her rocking horse is named Easy too. :)

hanna on the horse

She and her Grandma have been talking about riding a camel for quite a while. I wasn’t sure she would really do it, but she did. She loved it. She was so much more outgoing and brave than she has ever been this year. She tried things I never expected her to follow through with this year.

first camel ride

The roller coaster was another thing I didn’t think she would actually do. She rode around about 3 or 4 times and seemed to be enjoying it. (There’s a video of the ride at Youtube), just after I turned off the video to grab the camera she got scared and started hanging on for dear life.  She came off the ride saying “I didn’t like that”, even now when I play the video she reiterates that fact. :)

first roller coaster

Now ice cream on a stick I knew she’d have no problem with :)

ice cream on a stick

There she is Future Farmer of a America. :) She drove the big orange tractor and got the t shirt to prove it. She really enjoyed that, even though she needed a little help steering so she didn’t run into the fence. :)

big orange tractor

That’s about it. It was a long LONG day, but we had so much fun.

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