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Owl Update

I’ve mentioned it on Twitter, but not so much here: These owls are getting LOUD!!!

They are bigger now, so their screeches are louder, and now they are jumping all around the attic, digging in the insulation and generally making a LOT of noise when I’m trying to sleep.

We went up to investigate today ~ hubby took one of  the vents off the side of the house and I went through the attic access panel in the house.

Here’s what we saw:

barn owl in the attic

barn owl in the attic

another barn owl in the attic

another barn owl in the attic

We usually see 2 owls (these are the babies, the grown ups come at night with food), but I think there are actually 3 owl babies up there.

Ryan got a cool video of the owl running right at him, I’m working on getting it uploaded as we speak. I’ll share it once I get it online.

If anyone knows when these owlies might leave our attic I’d be happy to hear from you, especially if you’re going to say SOON!! It’s been cool to have them, but I’m about ready for a quiet night’s sleep.

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