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How to Do Keyword Research for Video

Making videos is easy and fun, and it can absolutely bring you a lot of traffic… but there’s one little thing you have to do before you upload your video to make sure the traffic happens.

Keyword Research.

Yep, you can’t run from it. It’s just as important when it comes to video as it is when you’re writing articles or blog posts. But don’t freak out… this is going to be really easy!

How to do Keyword Research for Video

It’s a really simple process, and you’re basically looking for search volume ~ you want to know how people are looking for the content you’re creating.  So here’s the process.

1. Get an idea for a video.

2. Go to the Google adwords keyword tool and put in a short phrase that either refers to the topic of your video or a problem your video solves.

3. Identify a phrase that is getting some decent searches each month. (I shoot for over 1500 ~ but you can set your number wherever you want it)

4. Use the phrase you found in your video title, and also in the description of the video.

5. When you create links back to your video use the phrase you found as the anchor text of your links.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

In this video I run through an example, using this post, and this video so you can see how I came up with the title for this post, and the video.

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