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Cooking With Kids an Interview with Michelle Stern

As you know healthy eating and cooking with kids is a passion of mine. I am delighted to have the privilege of speaking with Michelle Stern from What’s Cooking with Kids.

While most of the bloggers I’ve interviewed thus far monetize straight from their website, Michelle is a little bit different. She offers classes, and birthday parties, and all kinds of hands on time to help kids learn to love to cook. It’s quite fantastic!

In this interview we talk about how the blog started, how she set up classes and parties. We’re also going to talk about finding sponsors as well as how she got her book deal.

If you aren’t familiar with her book The Whole Family Cookbook you should race right out and get it (better yet, just click that link and grab it from Amazon). After our interview I was so inspired by her that I sure did. We’ve cooked a few things out of it so far and more on the menu for this week. I’ll say this about the cookbook ~ it’s probably the ONLY cookbook I’ve bought (and I’m a cookbook junkie) that 1. I sat down and read like a novel. 2. Found myself thinking I would make every single thing in the book. YAY!

So anyway… I had a fantastic time talking with Michelle. I hope you enjoy listening just as much.



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  1. Tom says:


    USefull info. I went ahead and bought the book at amazon. As a stay at home dad these things really help


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