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Top 5 Places to Buy Homeschool Resources

where to buy homeschool curriculum and resources

The world of homeschool can be a little (ha a lot) overwhelming. There are tons and tons of acronyms and abbreviations… you think I’m kidding? Here’s just a few: Science: BFSU = Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding RSO = REAL Science Odyssey HMI = Howard Hughes Medical Institute (great free resources) Math: AOPS = Art … Continue reading

Which Way USA | Geography Game for Kids

which way usa fb

This past year in school Hanna learned “state capitals”. I must say I was a little more than annoyed that all they did was learn how to spell the state capitals. 🙁 It did however, pique her interest in the different states, and she started talking about wanting to visit each state and the capital. … Continue reading

How to Learn Times Tables Without Flashcards, Fighting and Tears

Learn Multiplication Tables

I was about at my wits end. My kiddo is in 4th grade, and still hadn’t learned the times tables. She has been struggling a little more each year to keep up in math. It was frustrating, but really quite sad because she used to LOVE math, and now I was frequently hearing “I hate math! I’m no … Continue reading