I’m on a mission. I want to connect with as many other work at home moms as I possibly can. I’m seeing a lot of great blogs out there. People are doing some really amazing stuff! From their blog I’ll jump over to twitter, to get to know the person better, maybe chat with them a little bit and here’s what I notice:

There’s no conversation going on. Every tweet in their stream is just a statement and a link. It’s a monologue. I’m looking for a dialog. Standing on the street corner shouting at people about what you’ve got is really not the best way to capitalize on the amazing power Twitter and other social networks can provide for you.


That’s so frustrating. I go to twitter to get to know you better. I go to twitter to talk to you about the awesome stuff you’re doing. I go to twitter to create or deepen my relationship with you. I can only do that if you’re willing to engage with me, to talk with me.

A few years back when I started using social media I found this video. You may like him. You may hate him, heck you may not even know who he is anymore, but Perry Belcher completely changed the way I use social media. When I started seeing it the way he explains, it finally started working for me. :) It will work for you as well.

So here’s Perry’s video. (the video is 10 minutes long,  so grab a cup of coffee and take a look.)

If you have doubts about whether this works or not, Perry uploaded this video in 2008 ~ I still remember him, what he has to offer. I hunted down this video so I could share it with you.  It’s the exact process outlined in the video. :)

There are hundreds, if not thousands of posts about how to do twitter “right”. There’s no way you can read them all. :) Here’s one I particularly like though… it will definitely get you moving in the “right” direction.

Let’s talk about how we can most effectively use our social media outposts… so we can grow our businesses! What’s your best twitter tip? Share it in comments!

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