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3 Tips to Turn Your Email List into a Thriving Community #blogworkshop

increase email engagement

It’s one thing to have an email list… names and email addresses, it’s another thing all together to have an engaged email community. Having people looking forward to your emails, opening them, and clicking on the links is what sets the successful bloggers apart from the not so successful bloggers. It can seem really complicated … Continue reading

3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Email Subscribers Into Raving Fans #blogworkshop

#blogworkshop how to turn subscribers into raving fans

  For the rest of the month we’re going to be covering different aspects of Email marketing here on the #blogworkshop. Make sure you put a reminder in your phone so you don’t miss an episode. Every Monday 10a Central. 3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Email Subscribers Into Raving Fans 1. First communication. Give … Continue reading

How to Create Kick Ass Emails That Get Opened and Clicked (In 3 Easy Steps)


I love it when I find myself taking action because of steps a marketer took to make me do it. I love it even more when I know what those steps are and realize I’m also applying them in my business! Because… if they work on me… they’ll work on the people reading my emails … Continue reading